It is officially spring! Even though you’d rather be outside, make the best of our in-between weather and use this time to organize your closet. Bring some sunshine into your home, and check out these five ways you can have fun while de-cluttering.

1) Invite a Friend Over

Make a night of your closet mess! Invite friends over, grab snacks and make fun signs that say keep or donate, so that they can help you make decisions when you just can’t let go. Take it up a notch by asking them to bring a bag of clothes for a mini clothing swap.

2) Does This Spark Joy?

The Japanese art of de-cluttering and organizing, KonMari, will help you make room for things that matter. The key principal to focus on while cleaning out your closet is to ask yourself this question: Does this spark joy? When your space is less cluttered, maybe you’ll have the room you need to host a dinner party with your loved ones. When everything has a purpose and a place in your home, you’ll find the space to put up a canvas and tap into your creative side again. The possibilities are endless! And remember, your joy-less jacket, t-shirt or pair of shoes could bring someone else joy. So make sure to donate items and keep unnecessary textiles out of the landfills.

3) Let the Music Move You

Everything is more fun when there’s music to keep the mood up! Make a spring cleaning playlist, or check out these spring cleaning playlists from 8tracksBuzz Feed’s Top 22, and Fitness Magazine. You’ll be dancing and dusting away that clutter in no time.

4) Set a Goal and a Reward

De-cluttering can be overwhelming. Making achievable goals are an important part of the process. Instead of reaching to have your whole house cleaned out over a weekend, commit to organizing the coat closet within an hour or two. Take a break, and then set your next goal. It always helps to have something to work forward to. Maybe you want to try out that new ice cream shop, or have dinner with a friend. Schedule an activity for the evening, so you feel motivated to work hard during the day.

5) Feel Good About Doing Good

Know that as you clean your closet, you’re not only creating a more free space within your home, you’re also doing something amazing for our community by donating your unwanted items. When you donate your gently used clothing to charitable organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters, you’re helping make a difference in the lives of thousands of children across Edmonton. Clothing donations go toward funding life-changing programs for children in our communities. Book a free home pickup online or find a donation bin near you!

Now wasn’t that fun? Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore!

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