Paid Internships through SCiP

The Serving Communities Internship Program (SCiP) builds stronger communities and leaders in Alberta through internships for post-secondary students in nonprofit/voluntary sector organizations.  BGCBigs welcomes students to apply for a role with us through SCiP.

Current Opportunities!

There are no opportunities at this time. Please check back at the beginning of August.

Get Paid to Volunteer!

  • Work experience for your resume
  • Community connections and a professional network for your job hunt
  • The good feeling you get from helping to grow your community
  • A $1000 bursary, awarded by Alberta Enterprise and Advanced Education

Who can apply?

A post-secondary student means a student living in Alberta who is:

  •  a Canadian Citizen;
  • a Permanent Resident; or
  • an international student with appropriate authorization as may be required from    Citizenship and Immigration Canada to participate in the SCiP Program (up to 10% of the    Internships will be available to international students)

And, is currently enrolled in a part-time or full-time certificate, diploma, undergraduate, graduate, or PhD program at an eligible post-secondary institution.

**Please note, students are only permitted to complete one internship per academic year (August 1st to July 31st)**

SCiP and BGCBigs

22 year old Concordia student Gero has been interning with BGCBigs since March 2013. What she likes most about the SCiP program is the flexibility it offers her while she is still enrolled in classes. Currently pursuing a degree in Finance and Human Resources, Gero needed to find an internship that could work for her. “What I like about it is that if I can’t come at a time, I just need to call them or email them in advance and it will be okay with them”. Gero was referred to the program by a friend, and now says that she would of course refer more people to the program, in fact she already has! She feels that it is hard to get the right type of experience, and that it is intimidating entering the job market, and SCiP has allowed her to do this in a unique way. SCiP internships pair students with non-profit organizations that require interns, which was a selling point for Gero. “Non-profits are less strict, they get to give back to the community, they appreciate more, and you’re not working just for the money.” She likes working for a non-profit and understands that even though she is not working directly with the youth that the agency serves, she is making a difference. “You can still use this as experience on your resume and to give back to the community, for me that’s fulfilling”. Another common worry expressed by students is that they will work in an office where they will be treated equal to the full time employees. “I like the people, even though there is an age difference, it doesn’t seem like it’s there. They treat you with the same respect, with the same maturity as long as you prove to them that you are [mature enough to be there]”.Gero hopes to return to BGCBigs to complete one more internship before her graduation in December 2013. “The people here are really nice, and you can see how much [they] love what they do.”
Jon (24) has been interning at BGCBigs since January. A current Political Science major at the University of Alberta, he was drawn to the flexibility of internship. The internship allowed Jon to complete 60 hours over the course of his second semester without conflicting with his school work. He was eager to gain experience in the non-profit sector and was excited to see that BGCBigs was looking; in fact it was the only internship that he applied for. Jon, like most students, wanted to be involved with a non-profit, but found it hard to make time for valuable work experience while also committing to volunteer hours. The unique structure of the SCiP program has allowed him to get the most out of his internship. “I always knew I wanted to volunteer here in some capacity. Doing it this way has allowed me to gain a good connection to the non-profit community. BGCBigs is a well-known charity and reputable in the community. That’s why I think that a reference letter from here will be worth a lot to a future employer”. One of Jon’s favourite things about working for BGCBigs is meeting all of the people connected to the agency. “I like meeting new people; all of the people here are so great. The environment here is really relaxed and friendly, it’s a warm place. The people here have welcomed and accepted me”. One of the best parts of the internship was realizing all of the potential career opportunities, “It really has shown me what’s available in non-profit”.

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