Friends for 30 Years, Sisters for Life

On the occasion of their 30 Anniversary of becoming “Sisters”, Janet and Anisha went to see Clara’s Dream at the Jubilee. Anisha felt like she was 9 years old again, experiencing the first thrill of live theatre with The Nutcracker Suite and her new Big Sister. At 7, Anisha and her three younger brothers experienced the heartbreak of divorce. In a one bedroom apartment, she became a substitute mother in the family dynamic, fiercely loyal and protective of her charges. … Continue reading

How do parents feel about their children’s potential? New Survey Release from BBBS Canada

TWO-THIRDS OF CANADIAN PARENTS UNCERTAIN THEIR KIDS WILL FULFILL THE HOPES THEY HAVE FOR THEM More than 80 per cent unsure they fulfilled their own parents’ aspirations.  National survey ranks barriers to achieving aspirations, top 10 hopes parents have for their children, and some ‘unfinished business’ between parents and their kids. Toronto, March 4, 2014 – When it comes to parents’ hopes for their children, it seems that disappointment is passed down from generation to generation. Two-thirds (67 per cent) … Continue reading

Mentoring Magic – One Family’s Story of Life-Changing Relationships

Talented Edmonton Journal freelancer Shari Narine helps us tell the tale of an incredible family and their mentoring experiences.  Enjoy! People are still talking about the speech his little brother delivered at the wedding, Jordan Dunn says proudly. And while it would be no big deal at most weddings, it is a little different for Jordan because Russell Demeulenaere is Jordan’s little brother through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. “He got up and he gave a speech which was … Continue reading

How will you spend your extra hour?

Canadians are so time-crunched that 62 per cent think life is passing them by, new study finds.   With the clocks about to fall back and give busy Canadians the rare luxury of an extra hour, people across the country will be deciding how they will spend their precious gift of time. A Standard Life Value of an Hour Survey conducted for Big Brothers Big Sisters shows how busy Canadians actually are and what they would do if they had … Continue reading

New Single from The Tenors Honours Mentors

You can make a difference with a simple download of the new song ‘I Thank You’ by the Tenors and featuring Laura Kaeppeler – which brings the cause of mentoring to millions of people in an entirely new way; through music.  The song reflects the experiences of so many young people – having seen their own lives positively impacted and wanting to find a way to express their appreciation.  Commemorating the 100th anniversary of Big Brothers Big Sisters – the … Continue reading