Wabamun Club

Wabamun_schoolWe’re thrilled to announce that Wabamun Club is back up and running for 2017! Please note our change of hours as we are no longer open Friday’s.

Address:  Wabamun school, 5107 50 street, Wabamun, Alberta

Membership is free – please print the membership form here and bring with you to the Club.

We have 12 programming days in January, packed full of movement and mindfulness! Each Monday will be centered around being mindful, learning to be self aware & more empathetic to those around us. Using our new tools from ‘Schools out Lets Move’ project, we are spending Tuesdays learning and moving together. Some winter themed art with Northern lights paintings, mittens & creating a sparkly icicle is also on the list! We will also spend some time in the kitchen being smoothie chefs; creating our own edible masterpieces.

View the program calendar.

Regular Hours

Mondays 3pm-5:45pm
Tuesdays 3pm-5:45pm
Wednesdays 3pm-5:45pm
Thursdays 3pm-5:45pm
Fridays Closed