IMG_0745Preventative Health | Life Skills | Nurturing Interests | Career Options | Expansion

  • To provide preventative health education to students on topics such as proper hygiene, addiction and substance abuse, sexual health, mental health, nutrition and exercise, injury prevention and safety, stress management, etc., in line with Alberta Education’s curriculum.
  • To teach students valuable life skills such as goal setting, planning, organization, time management, manners, social and moral responsibility, social skills, financial literacy, conflict resolution strategies, etc.
  • To help students further discover their own interests.
  • To provide exposure to career options. For example, some of our students are interested in becoming paramedics, so we had Emergency Medical Services come and present about their careers and give a tour of their ambulances to students!
  • We endeavor to expand and implement the EXCEL Program™ in schools whose students would receive the most benefit.