Planned Giving

For 50 years, Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area (BGCBigs) has been building brighter futures for the children and youth of our community. We are pleased to invite our friends and supporters to become members of Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters planned giving program, the Children’s Circle.

“One generation plants the trees, and another gets the shade.”
Chinese proverb

Children’s Circle recognizes and honors those who have included Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters in their estate plans with a future gift or who have made an outright gift to our Endowment Fund. Our sincere thanks.

Create a Legacy

One of our greatest aspirations in life is to leave a mark – to make a difference. No doubt there are issues that face our community that you feel passionate about; leadership development, health and education issues, housing and childcare. Through your commitment, you can help ensure that Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters has a secure future and continues to address the most urgent needs in our community. Through Children’s Circle, you’ll be a community builder and your contribution will be respected and recognized for years to come.

How can you help?

In May of 2006, the Federal government eliminated the capital gains tax when you donate your publicly-traded securities to a charity. In other words, you will receive 100% tax exemption on the capital gains. Please consider donating to Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters and enjoy a tax break!

Gifts in a Will
A family can gift through a will, certain personal property or real estate, a specific sum of money or a percentage of estate assets. Sample “will clauses” are available on request.

Retirement Funds
Retirement funds may be the most significant asset for many families. Individuals may name Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters as a beneficiary for all or any portion of funds remaining at death.

Life Insurance
When the added protection of an insurance policy is no longer needed, transferring the policy’s ownership can result in tax benefits for you and a generous gift for Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters. BGCBigs can also be included as a beneficiary, contingency beneficiary or owner of a new or existing policy.

Direct Gifts of Cash
A gift of cash, or publicly traded securities can be given to the Endowment Fund. You will receive an income tax receipt for your donation.

Gifts That Give Back
There are some gifts that provide a lifetime of income and a future gift to BGCBigs. These type gifts are irrevocable and provide immediate tax benefits. We are happy to share more about these types of gifts and if they fit your situation.

Personal Benefits
Donors benefit from planned giving by becoming eligible for tax and estate planning advantages. Donors also benefit from knowing their gift will ensure the continued presence of BGCBigs in our community helping to build a better tomorrow for our children. Specialists are available to explain more fully each of these gift plans, and to assist you in meeting your financial needs and desires.

Gifts to endowment funds are not spent. They are invested in perpetuity, and only a portion of the investment income is used each year.


For more information, please contact Danisha Bhaloo at 780.822.2515 or via EMAIL HERE