Teen Bigs

Teenagers Standing in a LineOverview: Teens Bigs (or teen mentors) is the fastest growing group becoming volunteer mentors with BGCBIGS.  Teen Mentoring is a friendship-based, non-academic program that matches high school students (Bigs) with boys and girls in Grades 2-6 (Littles), for one hour a week. A typical volunteer is a caring responsible teen who is in High School. There are no special skills required – only a willingness to spend some time with a young person.

The children in elementary or junior  high school have been identified as children that could benefit from the friendship and extra attention from a caring, responsible youth. Bigs and Littles may choose to play outside, shoot hoops, or kick a soccer ball around. Or they stay inside and read, do arts and crafts, play board games, or just hang out. There are games and craft supplies provided at each school. Volunteers are encouraged to share their interests with the child. Most volunteers are surprised at the positive impact this experience has not only on the child but on themselves. Teen mentors also qualify to receive credit for their mentoring through CTS or CALM classes. Read Pathways to Mentoring: Five New CTS Courses on Mentoring in Alberta.

Mentoring: Click here to learn more about mentoring.

Availability: See the schools we currently have teens in below.

Minimum Commitment: 1 hour per week for the duration of the school year.

Click here to apply as an individual teen (not as part of a high school group).

If you’re looking to apply with your high school, please connect with your school liaison directly for the application form.


Schools with Teen Mentoring Programs
Afton School
Balwin School
Ben Calf Robe – St. Clare
Brookwood (Parkland)
Dan Knott School
Delton School
Ecole Maurice-Lavellee
Ecole Pere-Lacombe
Ecole Publique Gabrielle-Roy
Edith Rogers School
High Park (Parkland)
Lee Ridge School
Legal School (Morinville)
McArthur School
Mother Teresa Elementary
Our Lady of Peace
Pollard Meadows School
R J Scott School
St. Catherine
St. Elizabeth
Westbrook School
Westglen School