The Circle

The Circle

Overview: The Circle is an inclusive youth mentoring program designed to give young people the confidence to achieve more. The Circle pairs youth with positive, understanding adults who encourage them to find strength from within. Founded on the belief that people are empowered through consistent and supportive relationships, this program is focused on young people who have experienced the pain of discrimination, poverty, and marginalization.

Mentees: Between 10 and 18 years old who identify with some of the following:

  • Marginalization, economic adversity
  • Difficulty in the education system
  • Violence in the home or in the community
  • History of involvement with child welfare
  • Contact with the police (for minor offenses)
  • Mental health issues such as a substance abuse, depression, anxiety, abuse, self-harm
  • Unhealthy domestic or romantic relationship

Mentors: Anyone over 24 who is sensitive other cultures, backgrounds, life circumstances, anyone who feels they can relate to a youth who identifies with some of the above.

Commitment: 1 hour every week or 2 hours every other week for a minimum of one year

Availability: Edmonton

Where & When : In the community during evenings and/or weekends