Although not a local story, this one is such an amazing example of the impact mentoring has on both a child and the adult volunteer.  Enjoy and thank you to WHSV Bridgewater, for sharing!

Watch the video here.


BRIDGEWATER, Va. (WHSV) — An unlikely friendship through the big brothers big sisters program has lasted through one big sister’s 102nd birthday.

Jaime Allman and Ruth Wine have been friends for 20 years, first meeting when Allman was just 6 and Wine, 80.

“I didn’t know you was that old. Now I know why my mom always told me to take good care of you,” said Allman.

“Yea that’s right, you were supposed to take care of me,” replied Wine.

Wine said Allman always followed those directions.

“Every time we would get out of the car, he would catch me by the hand, take me by the hand and lead me into the restaurant or wherever we were going. He was looking out for me,” said Wine.

Wine did the same for Allman, she treated him like family, calling him “her boy.”

“I wanted to be there for him,” said Wine

Wine was at Allman’s wedding and baby shower and now at the age of 102, sits with her grown man.

“There wasn’t really an age difference when we were together. It was like I was 80 and Ruth was 6. It all depended on what the day was how old we were,” said Allman.

Each has changed the other’s life for the better, more than either can express.

“There’s no other woman on this earth like Ruth Wine. To meet her, just to be her friend is a huge privilege,” said Allman.

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