Match Anniversaries Volunteer Anniversaries
1 Year 1 Year
Dave and Tyler Rhea Olson
Aaron and Jimmie Amanda Skwarok
Joshua and Nathaniel Ilham Hassen
Kelly and Charlie Sarah Barnes
Megan and Savannah Quinn Smith-Ackerl
Melissa and Koda Rohan Dhawan
Nina and Rachel Sara Montgomery
Byron and Liam 2 Years
Tre and Quinn Briana DaCosta
Trevor and Kody
Lillian, Vicky and Darby
Nick and Matthew
Meagan and Habibah
Victoria and Ashley
Seth and Seth
Alandra and Dezarae
Blake and Justice
Moeah and Harriet
Kyle and Colby
2 Years
Danielle and Whitney
Damien and David
Chantel and Alexis
Steven and Kieron
Ashton and Daniel
Neal and Tilden
Katelynn and Owen
3 Years
Brad and Harley
Thalia and Kelsie
Duane and Daeshaun
Reuben and Riley
4 Years
Kristina and Justyce
Kaila and Selena
5 Years
Sladen and Jonathan
Bailey and Amanda
Averie and Kara-lynne
Helgi and Markus
6 Years
Karabo and Marek
Jasmine and Elizabeth
Alannah and Aaliyah