Match Anniversaries Volunteer Anniversaries
1 Year 2 Years
Riel and James Christopher Prosper
Melissa and Julianna
Omar and Ryan
Connor and Jacob
Jesse and Eric
Marco and Tye
Steffano and Cullen
Jason and Logan
Hassan and Chris
Quinton and Logan
Bree and Amanda
Daniel and Ashton
Corbin and Taylor
Aretta and Devin
Darcy and Jayden
Steven and Kaylem
Barrie and Zachary
Ethan and Wade
Elizabeth and Laryssa
Kelli and Lynnea
Janell and Nelia
2 Years
Navarre, Sarah and Joseph
Ethan and Pimpy
Averie and Kristin
Tim and James
Joe and Daquan
Colby and Vaughn
Laura and Nicholas
Margaret and Catherine
Arianna and Vanessa
Kendra and Cassandra
3 Years
Dallas and Juliette
Amanda and Haily
Isabella and Asha
John and Noah
Tara and Isabelle
4 Years
Allana and Melanie
Reece and Jason
Danielle and Shiloh
5 Years
Nikolai and Michael
Matthew and Brandon
Lian and Marc
Gloria and Hannah
Brandon and Jae Jae
6 Years
Germain and Garrett
9 Years
Robbie and Jacob