Match Anniversaries Volunteer Anniversaries
1 Year  1 Year
Rachel and Madison George Kinley
Nicole and Mila
Felicia and Megan 2 Years
Linh and Sarah Jennifer Sehgal
Chance and Ryan
Vinson and Cameron
Chloe, Wyatt and Nolan
Dustyn and Douglas
Syrus and Jessica
Deniz and Amy
Tsholofelo and Sheena
Michelle and Linda
Allie and Krystal
Nicholas and Joseph
Bailey and Alexandra
Mark and Quinton
Josiah and Frodo
Kaden and Joshua
Duncan and Keagan
Darragh and Grayden
Kevin and Evan
Richelle and Samantha
George and Everett
Natalie and Monroe
2 Years
Bill and Tyler
Candice and Gracie
Zach and Owen
Rebecca and Alyssa
Abigail and Stacey
Isabella and Deborah
Kyle and Kwesi
Delia and Samantha
Laura and Jessica
3 Years
Wesley and Clark
Nikolai and Andrew
Samantha and Rayanna
Matthew and Logan
Kristy and Yasmine
Leela and Shaniequa
Dylan and Cody
4 Years
Elliot and Gabriel
5 Years
Deantwan and Mensour
Renee and Trinity
7 Years
Shelly and Cindy
Angel and Alanna
8 Years
Laura and Rebecca