Message from the President & Executive Director


People Helping People


Amazing things happen when a community comes together to support over 5000 children and youth. With the support of our funders, donors, partners, staff and over 3000 volunteers, we see every day how passion turns into action. You set a standard of excellence regarding what it means to be a member of your community because you encourage, you inspire and you uplift those unable to help themselves. We are honoured to represent an organization that garners support, compassion and commitment from the people of our community.

Thank you for being people who truly care about our kids, our youth and our families. People that go above and beyond the call of duty each and every day to ensure that children have a safe place to go every day after school and through the summer months. People who mentor our children and youth so they are empowered to succeed in life today and in the future. People who give their time and energy to a cause beyond themselves. People who care about people.

While we could not possibly measure the colossal difference you have made in the lives of our children, youth and families, know that your contributions have formed positive relationships, provided safe spaces, created opportunities, and promoted positive developmental outcomes. You continuously show the children of our community that you believe in them and their goals.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to each of you for your time, your knowledge, your compassion and your generosity. Because of each of you, our children and families know that you walk alongside them to ensure that they have what they need to succeed. PEOPLE helping PEOPLE. Thank you.


DeAnn Hunter
BGCBigs Board President

Liz O’Neill
BGCBigs Executive Director

DeAnn Hunter
President of the Board

Liz O’Neill
Executive Director

Board of Directors

DeAnn Hunter
Deborah Fisher
Mike Morison
Phillip Peters
Jan Butler
Dennis Goddard
Louise Hayes
Susan Makale
Rick Zasada
Sabrina Giordano
Doug Ingersoll
Blake Shewchuk
Mansur Bitar
Nancy Reynolds
Michelle Millard – Guest of the Board


Finance Committee

Blake Shewchuk
Bryan Zuch
Johnathon Whitmore
Kevin Ma
Phillip Peters


Diversity Council

Shahriyar Khan
Abdi Hassan
Sahra Hashi
Jane Awawias
Salwa Kadri
Owais Hikmat
Michael Janz
Dunia Azzara
Rania Mohamed
Abdi Hassan
Sahar Swaid
Fadhl Abu-Ghanem
Omar Yaqub
Kahye Dubow
Sofina Arabi

Lobster Lovers Planning Team

Sarah Chan – Co-Chair
Averie McNary – Co-Chair
Doug Ingersoll
Ken Franczek
Deanne Friesen
Susan Rockwood
Elizabeth Lakeman
Blake Hamilton
Adrianna Chiumento


Governance Committee

Barb Komisar
Deborah Fisher
DeAnn Hunter
Kelly Roth Micetich
Maureen Cush
Susan Makal


Children’s Circle

Allison Cammaert
Ben Volorney
Charolette & Doug Player
Chris Arsenault
DeAnn Hunter
Dennis Goddard
Elizabeth & Gerry O’Neill
Eric Storey
Grace Whitehouse
Hamida, Danisha & Zafira Bhahloo
Karen Ferguson
Kelly Micetich
Lisa Volorney
Liz Richards
Marie Gauthier
Pat Semeniuk
Phillip Peters
Reg Appleyard
Ross Tyson
Ruth & Leonard Kelly
Ruth McIntyre
Susan Taylor
Neil Gower


Golf Planning Team

Heather McLeod – Co-Chair
Rick Zasada
Jason Babichuk
Grace Whitehouse
Sheena Wheadon
A.J. Keller
Alanna Rast
Adrianna Chiumento



Boys and Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters(BGCBigs) is a community-supported organization committed to the healthy development of children, youth, and their families by providing safe places, positive relationships, services, and opportunities to develop personal strengths and interpersonal skills that enhance their long-term success in life.



Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters is a community-supported organization committed to the healthy development of children, youth and their families by providing safe places, positive relationships, services and opportunities to develop personal strengths and interpersonal skills that enhance their long-term success in life.


All children and youth will have enriching experiences growing up and achieve success in life.


For positive child and youth development, we believe that…

  • – All children and youth have the capacity to lead full and rewarding lives and become contributing adult members of their community.
  • All children and youth should grow up in an environment that supports their well-being and enables them to reach their full potential.
  • The healthy development of a young person is best fostered within the context of a caring and loving family.
  • The healthy development of every young person is enhanced by positive, nurturing relationships. This includes positive caring relationships with adults, teens, and peers.

As an organization, we also believe…

  • In working with others to promote healthy and safe environments for children and youth.
  • That the voice of children, youth and families is essential to shaping our goals, our work, and priorities.
  • That the collaborative approach between staff, partners and volunteers in service delivery is our strength.
  • In maintaining the highest program quality is essential to ensure positive outcomes for young people and their families
  • In diligent stewardship of community resources.



27% less likely to start using alcohol

46% less likely to start using drugs

37% less likely to skip a class

52% less likely to miss school

78% of former “littles” or mentees who came from a social assistance background don’t rely on social assistance as adults.

2600+ Children & Youth Mentored


Boys with mentors were two times more likely to believe that school is fun or that good academic performance is important. They were also two times less likely to develop negative behaviors such as bullying, and less likely to suffer from peer pressure anxiety (e.g. what others might think of them).


Girls were found to be four times less likely to bully others than those without a mentor.

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