Food Security

According to End Poverty Edmonton, 40,000 children live in poverty. To put that number into perspective, imagine Rogers Place filled to capacity with children. Now times that image by two and a half. The number is staggering. Since food insecurity is a symptom of poverty, we know that many of those children don’t get the sustenance they need. How can a child be expected to focus in school or on homework when they’re hungry? How do their brains grow and … Continue reading

Putting Our Children First

With our annual Golf Tournament just a month away, we have been reflecting on the impact our sponsors, donors, and golfers have made on the children in our community. Our focus has always been ensuring that all children have the tools they need to succeed, to receive a good education, to develop positive friendships, and to ensure they are healthy and active.  But we can’t do it alone. The last two years have been a challenging time in our economy, … Continue reading

“Building” Brighter Futures – One Roof at a Time

February in Edmonton brought unseasonably warm weather. With the sun, came the thaw and with the thaw, came a quick realization that the home away from home for so many of our community’s kids, was no longer sound. As the dripping, and sometimes streaming, began, our team scrambled. Rain barrels caught what they could, furniture was moved and sections of the facility were cordoned off. Our construction partners were called and then, we had to figure out to pay for … Continue reading

Ruth Kelly, Long Time Advocate and Volunteer for Children and Families, Dies at 60

  The staff and board of Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters are deeply saddened by the passing of Ruth Kelly. Ruth was a longtime volunteer with our organization and served as Chair of the former Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton as well as the Marketing and Communications Committee.  She also was the first female Board Chair of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada. We admired Ruth for her vision and her compassion and for always being … Continue reading

Celebrate Canada150!

Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area (BGCBigs) is proud to launch #MyBGCBigsStory in celebration of #Canada150. We’ll share the stories of the people who helped create the fabric of our country.  All individuals connected now or in the past to BGCBigs are invited to submit stories, photos, videos, or simply a few thoughts on why they’re proud to have been a part of programs that build brighter futures for our kids and our community. … Continue reading