IMG_1592Yesterday, The Senior Women’s National Basketball Team made a special visit to our McCauley Club and spent some time teaching our young, aspiring basketball players the fundamentals of the game.

Nearly 40 of our Club kids, spent an hour learning how to dribble, pass, and shoot a basketball from 15 very tall, very talented ladies – two of whom were born and bred right here in Edmonton!

IMG_1619“Our players realize that they are privileged to be able to play as part of the National Basketball Team,” says Paul Sir, Executive Director of Basketball Alberta. According to Paul, it’s incredibly important that the women are able to give back and plant the seed of inspiration in kids and youth – regardless of whether it’s a passion for basketball. It’s important to Basketball Alberta, and to BGCBigs, that kids believe that they can succeed.

IMG_1651BGCBigs has been partnering with Basketball Alberta since March when Paul’s son came to McCauley twice a week for 8 weeks to coach our kids. Starting at the end of September, we are looking forward to having more coaches from Basketball Alberta spend time with us every Monday evening.

“It’s so important that we can offer these opportunities to our kids,” says Mallory McMurtrie, BGCBigs Community Programs Supervisor. “Maybe they weren’t interested in basketball before, or maybe they weren’t confident in their ability to learn a new sport. Having professionals come out and spend time teaching them, makes them truly excited to learn and try new things.”

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