Resources for Mentors

Mentoring a child is about consistent supportive friendship.  BGCBigs provides training and ongoing guidance to all volunteer mentors and encourage open communication.  The role of a mentor varies by individuals and families and on this page you will find helpful resources to support the positive and healthy relationship between you and your Little.

Working with Children in Poverty

Math Puzzles for Teens

50 Questions To Help Students Think About What They Think

Laughter: A neglected but vital element of mentoring

Men Edmonton (ME) – They emerged as a grassroots community response to violence against women and sexual minorities in the City of Edmonton. Men Edmonton believes that men are stakeholders in a society which is more gender equitable and egalitarian. Men Edmonton’s framework is built upon three pillars: healthy masculinities, anti-violence, and community involvement. ME has offered to be a support system for our male volunteers. They have extended an open invitation to their events, meet ups, and more.

Edmonton Public Library provides students access to excellent academic resources.

Solaro provides the same great Alberta specific curriculum information you find in their Keys and SNAP publications. You can take a quick quiz or create a Solaro account and work through course lessons, reviews and quizzes. If you create an account your lesson progress and results will be tracked to help you.

Brainfuse offers students learning support from kindergarten up to grade 12. There is also support for university courses, adult learners, and resume writing support for all ages. Students can chat live with online tutors and create study aids customized to their learning needs