IMG_1770Although many of our Service Delivery staff spend time with kids every day, some don’t have the opportunity; their roles focusing on recruiting, training, enrolling and matching volunteers and kids, managing staff or administering our many programs.  But on Friday September 26, 2014, during our annual training day full of policies and procedures, we were able to take half an hour to visit the kids at Youngstown School.

Literacy is critical in a child’s success in school and a heavy focus for our organization.  READ IN WEEK is October 6 to 10 and the annual event provides awareness of the importance of the development of strong literacy and life-long learning.  With the timing of our training day and this upcoming event, we were excited to take part in some small way.

IMG_1753“When adults take time out of their lives to visit our school, it’s magical for these kids,” says Craig Wilson, Assistant Principal. “It’s so important to have groups like BGCBigs involved in kids’ lives. You make the kids happy and we, as the school, are grateful as well.”

Our staff split the kids up into small groups, grabbed some books, and found comfy spots to read. It was clear by the smiles on everyone’s faces that the staff were just as – if not more – excited than the kids!

IMG_1792“It’s important that we spend time with kids outside our regular routines,” says Kerry Woodland, Director of Service Delivery at BGCBigs. “Coming to Youngstown School is our way of giving back. It grounds us and reminds us of the importance of having caring adults in the lives of our community’s kids.  It reminds us why we each love what we do.”

For more information or ways you can get involved in READ IN Week, go to  


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