ShellyEach year we give our outstanding kids and volunteers awards for their amazing commitment and dedication to our programs. Normally nominations for these awards come from our staff who work with our kids, families, and volunteers. But this year, we received an out of the ordinary nomination. It included a letter from a Little Sister and her mother, nominating their Big Sister. We were so proud to award Shelly with Big Sister of the Year! Below is the letter we received from Cindy, the Little Sister.

I am very thankful to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. This program allowed me to meet a very special person. This person is my big sister, Shelly. I first met Shelly when I was in Grade 2. That was 8 years ago! She was originally my in-school mentor but our busy schedules resulted in a shift to becoming an out of school mentor.

She is like a sun that shines to melt away my stress and allows me to smile.

Shelly is a wonderful person. Even though she was very busy, Shelly chose to become an out of school mentor for me instead of stopping our visits. We now meet out of school once a month to do fun things together! She is very dedicated to upholding our appointments and she lets me know in advance if anything comes up. She is also very understanding when I have something that’s preventing me from going on our outings. When we can’t go on the planned day, we always rebook so we can still do the activity together. She also takes the time to come to many of my school events. This includes my band concerts at Christmastime and my Junior High Graduation Ceremony. When Shelly and I meet up and when she comes to events at my school, it really means a lot to me. By just showing up, I can tell that Shelly cares a lot about me.

Shelly has many great qualities that make her a terrific big sister. Shelly is very fun to be around. She is a friendly person who is kind and courteous to all the people around her. She is also very inspiring and knowledgeable. Shelly pays attention to me and notices when there is something bothering me. When I need someone to talk to, she’s there to listen. After I tell her about my problems, Shelly gives me good advice and encourages me to do my best. This advice has gotten me through tough situations before.

I feel safe around Shelly. She is trustworthy and hardworking. I have learned many new skills from her, such as baking, archery, and card making. Shelly is very helpful. She is also open-minded to trying new things. Shelly has helped me at school. In school, I was taking a Junior Achievement course where you had to create a company and sell a product. The product my company made was a duo package that included a pendant and handmade card. Shelly taught me how to make cards and helped me make the prototype cards of our product. Without Shelly, I wouldn’t even know how to make cards. Thanks to that knowledge, our business was very successful.

I am truly thankful to have Shelly in my life. We have celebrated each others’ birthdays, baked together, laughed together, and have had fun doing many other activities together. I really love Shelly and I feel like she is really my big sister. Shelly is one of the kindest, most hardworking, and inspirational people that I have ever met. I am proud to call her my big sister. She is like a sun that shines to melt away my stress and allows me to smile. Shelly is an awesome big sister that deserves an award for always being there for me!

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