IMG_4186A field near McCauley Boys & Girls Club was a sea of blue and white on Saturday, August 16th. Nearly 40 kids, a cross section from each of our Clubs, were swinging bats and throwing balls in their Rookie League t-shirts and Jays Care hats. But they weren’t there alone. They were joined by four Blue Jays Alumni who had the kids completely enthralled. Jessie Barfield, Brian McRae, Devon White, Denis Coucher each led the kids through a station of baseball fundamentals. IMG_4197


They started the morning off with a warm up to get their muscles ready to play.

IMG_4174Their favourite station was hitting.

IMG_4183 IMG_4103They learned how to pitch, starting off aiming at the long fence and then at smaller net targets.

20140816_101901 IMG_4134Then came the fielding station. This one had the kids doing a lot of running if they missed the ball.

And of course, they practiced catching. The older kids even got an extra lesson in diving!

IMG_4199IMG_4220 IMG_4225 IMG_4229Then before the Alumni had to leave, they signed each of the kids Jays Care hats and even some of our staff’s too!

On behalf of our kids, we are so grateful to Jays Care and the Blue Jays for making this great day of learning and fun happen for our kids.

To learn more about Jays Care click here. To read another Jays Care baseball story from earlier this summer, click here.20140816_102310

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