Founded in 1999, Camp Old Navy is a partnership between Old Navy stores and Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. This program brings teens into stores for a half-day job shadow experience that helps them develop job readiness skills and explore career opportunities. Teens learn about careers in apparel retail through a behind-the-scenes look at how Old Navy operates and experience hands-on training in retail management, sales and merchandising.


For the sixth year, Camp Old Navy welcomed BGCBigs kids on July 29th!  The kids received name tags and were honorary “sellebrities” for the day.  They each got to pick out a pair of flip flops and take turns ringing in the purchases for each other.


Later they had a style competition (boys vs. girls) and dressed and styled a mannequin.  They hit it right on the nose and are on trend for the Fall.  The Old Navy staff fitted them all for jeans (staff too!) so the kids were able to speak to how they fit.  This was to show product knowledge to best help the Old Navy Shoppers.  While in the dressing rooms, they learned the proper way to fold jeans, tops etc. , process the clothes and put away unwanted items.  Our kids had the best time putting away the items and acting as “runners” for the staff.


All in all a great day and wonderful work experience!  We look forward to sharing this opportunity with more kids in the future.  Thank you Old Navy!



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