The Circle

The Circle is an inclusive youth mentoring program designed to give young people the confidence to achieve more. The Circle pairs youth with positive, understanding adults who encourage them to find strength from within. Founded on the belief that people are empowered through consistent and supportive relationships, this program is focused on young people who have experienced the pain of discrimination, poverty, and marginalization.

Why mentor?

Mentoring gives you the opportunity to connect with a young person to inspire positive progress.
Spending time with a young person can be as simple as going for a walk, grabbing a coffee, or seeing a movie – you can support a young person today just by being you!

We are looking for mentors who:

  • have a diverse background of lived experiences
  • represent any culture, sexual orientation, gender or gender expression
  • are passionate about supporting a young person!

No specific skills needed, just your time and passion to ignite potential.

We value diversity and are experts in matching youth with mentors based on shared experience and interests.

Group Mentoring

Our eight week group mentoring focuses on life skills, culture, and recreation. In the past the group has done cooking classes, wall climbing, escape rooms, and have hosted presentations from community organizations on relevant topics.

Team up 1 on 1 – find a match

When you are connected with a youth in The Circle you will spend a few hours each week one on one, and have the ability to do whatever the two of you wish to do. This could include going to the movies, playing basketball, playing video games, or attending a cultural event in the community.

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