Phone List

Please note that all phone numbers are 780 Area Code except where otherwise indicated.  Please do not hesitate to contact our main switchboard at 780.424.8181 and your call will be directed to the appropriate individual.

*Note that staff currently on leave are not included in this list and that it is updated monthly. (Updated May 2017)*

First Name Last Name Position Phone  E-mail 
Ainsley Fairbairn School Based Facilitator 264-7143
Alejandra Nieto Out of School Time Program Staff
Alyssa Serquina Delton Part Time Program Staff
Amerdep Deol Match Facilitator 860-2570
Amy Jeske Community Based Supervisor 405-4663*
Anna Woodman Out of School Time Coordinator 587-983-7877 *
Ashley Gregory Child & Family Facilitator 822-2526
Ashley Stovall Volunteer Services Staff 822-2501
Bailey Kozicki Vegreville/Camrose BBBS Caseworker 275-0286
Ben Feely On-call program staff
Basit Adeyinka Club Facilitator 822-2561
Batoul Karkash Program Staff 822-2560
Beth Mayko Executive Assistant 822-2505
Bree Hazelaar All in for Youth – Mentoring Facilitator 246-2472
Bridgette Hachey Volunteer Services Staff 822-2502
Brittney Hislop Club Coordinator 822-2561
Brittney Mack Finance Clerk 822-2548
Brittany Taylor School Based Facilitator 232-2244
Brooke Wilson Enrolment/Match Facilitator 822-2522
Bryan Broadbent Facility Manager 918-8983
Carolina Arenas Part Time program staff
Cassandra Rijavec Club Coordinator 822-2560
Ceanne Lepps Club Program Staff 822-2563
Chelsey Wakefield Match Facilitator – Youth Development 233-0581
Chelsie Pul-agan School Based Supervisor 822-2529
Christine Kiliwa Club Facilitator 616-5732
Cori Sanderson Administrative Assistant 822-2540
Daniel Edwards Club Facilitator 822-2562
Danielle Milicevic Part Time program staff
Danielle Newman Assistant Club Manager 822-2551
Danisha Bhaloo Manager of Fund Development 822-2515
David Burke Part Time program staff
Dawna Morgan Manager of Finance 822-2547
Debbie Gregg Enrolment Facilitator 822-2509
Dillon Lehman Part Time program staff
Donna Benoit Cold Lake Program Facilitator 826-9289
Elizabeth McCallum Part Time Program Staff
Evan Dotinga Out of School Time Coordinator 863-4898
Eyob Seyoum Out of School Time Program Staff
Fardoussa Omar Match Facilitator 455-5423
Fatmeh Kalouti Out of School Time Coordinator 224-8961
Graydon Woodman On Call Program Staff 822-2556
Greer Cushing The Way In Mentorship Coach 901-5929
Heather Ritz Out of School Time Supervisor 587-987-8509 *
Ian Amundson Club Coordinator 822-2549
Jackie Gibbard School Based Facilitator 489-5570
Jaime Sterling U of A Mentoring Course Facilitator 862-9497
Jennie Newton Child & Family Facilitator 822-2511
Jenny Hankey Mentoring Facilitator – School Based 232-3798
Jesica Ramler Match Facilitator 232-4746
Jessica Paterson Mentoring Facilitator –  Youth Development 587-930-5146
Jay Bhoi Enrolment Facilitator 822-2523
Jody Belter Mentoring Supervisor 905-5818
Jonathan Spaner Club Program Staff
Juliet Goodridge Match Facilitator 566-2982
Kaitlin Loewen Part Time program staff
Karah Pegg Match Facilitator 822-2562 Karah,
Kara St. Louis Program Staff 822-2549
Karen Schriver Finance Assistant 822-2546
Kari Readman Engagement Manager 822-2510
Kasia Nawrot Match Facilitator 222-0761
Katie (Kathryn) Wilson Parkland Program Facilitator 780-288-1825
Katrina Scott Part Time program staff
Keara Kingston Mentoring Facilitator – School Based AIFY 587-930-7149
Keaton Souster Part Time Program Staff
Kelsey Kropiniski Part Time Program Staff
Kelsey Williamson Enrolment Facilitator 822-2506
Kera Lee-Clements HR and Administration Coordinator 822-2543
Kerry Woodland Director of Service Delivery 822-2518
Kim Collister Manager of HR, Learning & Development 822-2542
Kristen Shewchuk-White Lac La Biche Program Facilitator 623-0380
Kristina Kopp Program Staff
Lana Tordoff Manager of Marketing & Communications 822-2544
Lindsay Lehman (Grimbly) Match Facilitator 461-9160
Lindsay Hiron-Barrie Events Coordinator 822-2513
Liz O’Neill Executive Director 822-2525
Luke Chernezky Part Time program staff
Mahersha Massey Part Time Time Program Staff
Mariam Sheikh Mentoring Facilitator – Youth Devlopment 700-0990
Mariama Nabie Club Facilitator 822-2549
Marissa Semeniuk Part Time Program staff
Mary Gilaine Arkles Francophone Facilitator 863-7357
Medina Bandalli Volunteer Recruitment & Training Facilitator 822-2504
Meghan Markowski Summer Events Planner 822-2512
Melissa Bock Enrolment Facilitator 822-2524
Melissa St Dennis Marketing and Communications Coordinator 822-2514
Michael Christ Part Time Program Staff – Vital Signs
Michelle Gregg Mentoring Facilitator – School Based 454-6940
Mussa Yussuf School Based Facilitator 587-926-5213
Natalie Steffl Mentoring Facilitator – School Based 587-783-3974 *
Nav Sandhu Mentoring Facilitator – Youth Development 504-5872
Nicole Sagen Club Facilitator 822-2562
Nirmal Singh Club Coordinator 483-0383
Olivia Boyington Club Facilitator 822-2556
Pamela Borys Out of School Time Coordinator 937-1004
Raeanna Campbell Part Time program staff
Rita Rwigamba Club Coordinator 264-4326
Sandra Prefontaine Club Manager 822-2500
Sara Darge On-call program staff
Sarah Erickson Agency Trainer 822-2552
Sarah Martens Match Facilitator 935-1654
Sarah Nipshank Program Staff 394-4940
Sentsetsa Pilane Program Development Coach 587-984-6150
Shelley Du Part Time program staff
Shellie Dodd Enrolment Supervisor 822-2520
Shaylene Tomalty Part Time program staff
Showna Blanchard Mentoring Manager 822-2519
Shreya Pejavar Program Staff
Siciida Ibrahim Part Time program staff
Siovhan Lawlor Match Facilitator 222-0672
Suhur Omar-Farah Part Time program staff
Sultane Cardoso Service Delivery Admin Assistant
Susan Beckett West Club Coordinator 822-2556
Syeda Naqvi Volunteer Services Coordinator 822-2507
Talia Adler Magat Volunteer Recruitment and Training Facilitator 822-2503
Tannis Pearson Manager of Service Delivery 822-2521
Therese Lorincz-McRae Mission Effectiveness 822-2517
Tokunbo Adegbuyi Out of School Time Coordinator 884-2445
Tracy Lockhart Manager of Satellite Offices 822-2508
Yusra Soliman Part Time Program Staff
Victoria Moline Part Time program staff 822-2561
Vivien Lam School Based Facilitator 716-2268
Wanas Radwan Program Staff Part Time 822-2562
Zieneb Abougoush Part Time program staff