Everyday Heroes

July’s Heroes

Laryssa is the perfect Big Sister for her little, Elizabeth.  Laryssa is a very busy realtor, but always manages to fit Liz in to her schedule.  Liz loves to spend time at Laryssa’s house cooking together, sharing a meal and visiting with Laryssa’s husband and dog.  Laryssa has a way of setting clear boundaries with Liz while at the same time making her feel important and valued.  Liz’s family is especially appreciative of Laryssa and her dedication to Liz as she has had 2 matches that closed prematurely in the past. (Submitted by Match Facilitator Jesica)

Sophie and Rayden celebrated their 2 year anniversary this month! Sophie shared that she has been reflecting on Rayden’s strengths these past few months and has noticed that he is very interested and talented in drama, speaking, acting, dancing, and the arts in general. Sophie has decided to try to incorporate more of those activities into their match, and they recently enjoyed some events like the ballet and symphony thanks to a donation of tickets. Sophie is committed to helping Rayden receive more exposure to the arts and encouraging him to grow in his talents and interests in these areas. (Submitted by Match Facilitator Lindsay)

Mary was a Big Sister for just under a year. Sometimes matches come to an end, but the most important thing is how the closure is dealt with, in order to have a positive closure for everyone. Mary and her Little Tayen did not make it to their anticipated year mark, however Mary did all the right things to make sure it was a positive closure for Tayen. She communicated with her match facilitator , and reached out for support in a timely way. She also was fantastic letting the family and her Little know  and made sure they had a wonderful last outing, gardening, and were able to end their match on a high note. Thank you Mary and all the best to your family! (Submitted by Match Facilitator Kasia)