Everyday Heroes

Kristy has been a Big Sister for over 3 years. She’s matched with a little named Yasmine. Yasmine recently moved out of her Mom’s home and in with her Aunt, and this has been a difficult transition for her. However, throughout the transition Kristy has been an amazing source of stability and support for Yasmine. At the last follow up, Yasmine said that she always looks forward to seeing Kristy because “she is really easy to talk to and I can always vent to her if I need to and it makes me feel better.” Yasmine also said that Kristy will text her regularly to “check in” and see how she is doing. Thank you Kristy for being so supportive and caring and for making a very positive impact on Yasmine. (Submitted by Match Facilitator Karah)

Laren is a Big Sister who recently had a baby. Despite the new time commitment of being a new mom, Lauren has decided to continue her match with her Little Brother Athan because she cares deeply for him and his well-being. Although she can only commit to monthly outings at this time, she was eager to find other ways for the match to stay engaged, such as calling weekly and sending mailed letters to each other. Thank you Laren for staying so committed to your Little even through big life changes.  (Submitted by Match Facilitator Lindsay)

Kevin is a Big Brother who is in the third year of his match. This autumn, some severe mental health concerns came up for his Little Brother that really worried Kevin. Kevin stood up for the challenge and made himself available to his Little Brother as much as he could. He also sought out support from his Match Facilitator to make sure he was in line with BGCBigs’ guidelines. Though Kevin recognized that he couldn’t be available 24/7, he showed that when a crisis arose that his Little can definitely count on him.  Kevin’s concern, fast action, and open communication with his Match Facilitator helped deal with the situation safely. Thank you for your friendship and mindfulness, Kevin! (Submitted buy Match Facilitator Kasia)

Kristina  has been matched with her Little Sister Emily for 1 year.  Both Big and Little have ADHD.  Kristina has been able to teach Emily that their brains work differently than others.  Though they have ADHD they can still accomplish what they want in life but just have to learn to do things a little bit differently.  Emily is seeing that “there are other people like me”.  Kristina has been able to expose Emily to activities she has never done before such as archery.  Emily was able to hit the target and her face lit up at the positive feedback she received for her accomplishment. Thanks Email for being so open with your Little and for encouraging her and letting her know she’s not alone. (Submitted by Match Facilitator Juliet)

Updated March 2017.