Everyday Heroes

Sarah is in the 6th month of her match with Maya. She has been incredibly consistent with weekly outings, and goes to Launchpad monthly as Maya really enjoys it there. Sarah is helping Maya and her mom learn sequencing by taking photos with Maya and then helping explain the events that occurred on the outing to her mom. Sarah has such bright energy and enthusiasm that it’s no wonder Maya and her mom are happy to have her a Big Sister! Sarah is so dedicated that she even tried to make a phone follow up work during a pedicure before a volunteer trip with her church! (Submitted by Match Facilitator Kasia)

Dayna is a Big Brother matched to Johann. Dayna recently graduated from the Education program at the University of Alberta, and has been helping out in Johann’s classroom. Dayna went on a fieldtrip with Johann and his class and said that Johann was explaining to his friends that Dayna was his brother. This was also Johann’s favourite outing. Johann is very artistic, and Dayna has been so positive about Johann’s art and has been a very supportive role model to Johann. (Submitted by Match Facilitator Karah)

Geoff has been matched with RJay for the past 8 years. They recently started attending a weekly Bike Repair Workshop at the Spoke. The match had a goal to try new activities this year, so in addition to weekly outings where they learn new skills about bike repair, Geoff is also helping RJay learn to take the LRT there every week! (Submitted by Match Facilitator Lindsay)

Felicia is a Big Sister who is matched to Megan. Felicia went with her Little to the I Love to Skate Event. Felicia admits she isn’t a very good skater, but she decided to go anyway because Megan loves it so much! (Submitted by Match Facilitator Janna)

Updated May 2