A former Big Sister sent us this email some time ago and we wanted to share again…so sweet!


“Hi,I just wanted to pass along a cute story. My daughter and two of her friends had a lemonade stand on Saturday (they’re 6). When they started making money there was a discussion (between the kids – no adults suggested this) about sharing the profits with a charity. They talked about it and made a decision to send one fourth of the earnings to Big Sisters and Big Brothers. Since that would mean a donation of $3.62.  I added a few dollars when I made the donation on-line. It’s not much but we wanted you to know that the kids are thinking of you and wanting to help out. Have a great day. Jennifer”

From everyone here at BGCBigs, we thank you Jennifer, your daughter and friends for helping support the kids in our community through the wonderful idea of a lemonade stand. Being a charity, every donation that we gets counts and helps us serve more and more kids – no matter how big or small we truly appreciate your support. Also, what a great way to motivate others in showing how easy it is to become involved with BGCBigs by holding your own fundraisers.

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