Everyday Heroes – August 2020

Some Everyday Heroes for August 2020:

1. Doug (BB) dropped off “shrink-dink crafts” for Brian (LB) to do with him over video chat. Brian was very excited as he had never done this type of craft before and enjoyed showing pictures of the finished product.
Submitted by Annalee

2. BB Adam ordered LB Marcus a Yugio card from Amazon as he knows how much Marcus loves Yugio! The match has been staying virtually connected via video call and has been very consistent throughout the match outing suspension.
Submitted by Zieneb

3. This month I would like to recognize Volunteer Chris L, who has been matched with his Little Brother Braeden for 4 years now. Chris has done an amazing job at being a consistent adult in his Braeden’s life since they were matched 4 years ago. Chris said that he tries his best to always let Braeden know that he’s always around to support him if he needs, and always lets him know that he can talk to him about whatever he’s going through.
Submitted by Kelsey

Everyday Heroes – March 2020

Success Stories for March 2020:

1. Tezayne and Jeff recently celebrated their 4th year of being matched! They celebrated by going to an Oilers hockey game together using tickets from the agency!
Submitted by Katie

2. Big Sister Kami H. said Little Ethen had an “Awesome” report card with better grades than ever before, as well as fewer suspensions and fights in school. Client told this writer that these school achievements were because of his relationship with Kami, that she gives him tools to regulate and manage his emotions, and she always allows him a safe space to talk out what is going on for him at home/school.

3. Big Jeff F. who has been helped his teenage Little workout, learn how to properly use the workout equipment and work on teaching him healthy habits that he can continue in his adult years. Jeff shared he very much enjoys helping his Little learn about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Updated March 2020

Everyday Heroes – February 2020

Success Stories:

Big Brother Aaron and Gabriel made a Lasagna from scratch this past month. Gabriel was very happy with the result and loved cooking with Aaron and told his Mom later that night “I couldn’t have asked for a better Big Brother”.
Submitted by Annalee

Brianna (Little) started at a new school this year. Brianna shared with Kersten (Big) that she stood up for a younger boy in her school that was being bullied at recess and took him under her wing. She told Kersten that she wanted to help him the same way Kersten has helped her.
Submitted by Jeneti

This month I had the opportunity to meet with Cora Miller (BS) and Pru Eh (LS) who had their 9th annual in person follow ups due. Pru Eh recently graduated from High School, and it was really great to hear from Cora about how special a moment it was for her to attend the graduation ceremony. Since the match has been going for 9 years, Cora got to see Pru Eh graduate from elementary, jr. high, and now high school. She hopes to see her graduate from post-secondary too some day.
Submitted by Kelsey


Updated January 2020

Everyday Heroes – January 2020

Big Sister Mahsati and Little Brother Zaedyn have only been matched for about 5 months but have really clicked. Mahsati goes above and beyond to plan outings with Zaedyn. Mahsati is a coupon queen and has been extremely resourceful in getting the match free tickets and discounted tickets for their outings. She meticulously plans every outing, and always ensures to reschedule any if she has to miss – which is more than anyone asks for. She’s extremely dedicated and focused on Zaedyn entirely.
Submitted by Kristen

Big Sister, Lindsay McHardy is a volunteer and also a student. Over the summer she took a summer job that had her working out of town majority of the summer. Although she was not able to meet with her Little as consistently as she would have liked, she used one of her days off to take her Little to Jasper for the day. They explored around, bought matching sweaters and had a full day of fun together.
Submitted by Jeneti

Big Sister Gwen, and Little Sister Holly are still meeting once a month even though Gwen is living in Kelowna to take care of her family. Since she comes back to Edmonton frequently, she makes time every trip to see Holly. Holly has just started high school this year, and the match is looking at getting Holly her first job! They’ve been matched for over 2 years and still love spending time together cooking and baking.
Sumitted by Madison


Updated January 2020

Everyday Heroes – December 2019

Big Brother ,Jess has been matched to his little Eric for over 4 years and they still meet bi-weekly. They have a great connection, and Eric is now looking for part time employment.
Submitted by Madison

Big Sister, Fardoussa and Big Brother Garnet recently helped to support their Little Brother Quinstin navigate through some challenging times. During the past two months, it was very challenging for Garnet and Fardoussa to reach his mother, and found it hard to make the time to see him. Despite all this, they’ve maintained their commitment. After a month of being homeless, Garnet and Fardoussa were able to locate Quinstin with their match facilitator’s help and were able to resume outings as per usual.
Submitted by Kristen

Big Sister, Alanna, who has been matched with Angel for over nine years. Alanna has really stepped up and taken on a huge role in Angel’s life over the last few years. She has been the one thing that has remained constant for Angel, and has gone above and beyond to make sure Angel knows how special their relationship is to her despite their being challenges based on the distance between them.
Submitted by Kelsey


Updated December 2019