Everyday Heroes – December 2019

Big Brother ,Jess has been matched to his little Eric for over 4 years and they still meet bi-weekly. They have a great connection, and Eric is now looking for part time employment.
Submitted by Madison

Big Sister, Fardoussa and Big Brother Garnet recently helped to support their Little Brother Quinstin navigate through some challenging times. During the past two months, it was very challenging for Garnet and Fardoussa to reach his mother, and found it hard to make the time to see him. Despite all this, they’ve maintained their commitment. After a month of being homeless, Garnet and Fardoussa were able to locate Quinstin with their match facilitator’s help and were able to resume outings as per usual.
Submitted by Kristen

Big Sister, Alanna, who has been matched with Angel for over nine years. Alanna has really stepped up and taken on a huge role in Angel’s life over the last few years. She has been the one thing that has remained constant for Angel, and has gone above and beyond to make sure Angel knows how special their relationship is to her despite their being challenges based on the distance between them.
Submitted by Kelsey


Updated December 2019

Everyday Heroes – November 2019

Big Sister ,Mahsati and Little Brother Zaedyn have only been matched for about 5 months but have really clicked. Mahsati goes above and beyond to plan outings with Zaedyn. Mahsati is a coupon queen and has been extremely resourceful in getting the match free tickets and discounted tickets for their outings. She meticulously plans every outing, and always ensures to reschedule any if she has to miss – which is more than anyone asks for. She’s extremely dedicated and focused on Zaedyn entirely.
Submitted by Kristen

Big Sister, Lindsay McHardy is a volunteer and also a student. Over the summer she took a summer job that had her working out of town majority of the summer. Although she was not able to meet with her Little as consistenly as she would have liked, she used one of her days off to take her Little to Jasper for the day. They explored around, bought matching sweaters and had a full day of fun together.
Submitted by Jeneti

Big Sister, Gwen Ingram- Gwen still meets with her little sister once a month despite living in BC. She is taking care of her family there, but she is also still committed to taking the time to spend with Holly.
Submitted by Madison


Updated November 2019

Everyday Heroes – October 2019

Big Sister, Kimberley has been a very patient volunteer who was willing to keep the match going even after not hearing from the family for a few months. She shared she very much enjoys the match and is happy the match was able to continue. She has been positive, receptive and flexible which has helped in making this match successful.
Submitted by Jeneti

Big Sister, Janet Brandon (crossgender matched with Migel Bootsman)- Janet had her 2 year follow up and is very proud of Migel’s increased confidence and willingness to speak. Really sweet volunteer who is very committed to the program.
Submitted by Madison

Big Brother, George Kinley has been matched with Everett for 3 years. George introduced Everett to rugby which has made a huge impact on his life. Everett now plays on a team and has met a lot of friends through the sport. George and Everett still enjoy throwing the ball around on their outings and are continuing to work at developing Everett’s skills.
Submitted by Katie


Updated October 2019

Everyday Heroes – September 2019

Big Sister, Elizabeth has been an amazing support to her mentee Destiny in the four months they have been matched! Elizabeth and Destiny have very similar personalities and interests and are always finding fun things to do together. Elizabeth is mindful of the budget on outings and is always looking for deals and getting creative about ways to save money on outings. Elizabeth is kind and thoughtful and has been such a great support while Destiny is facing some challenges. Thanks for all your hard work, Elizabeth!
Submitted by Kaitlin

Big Sister, Sarah has been encouraging her Little, Bek to spend time outdoors this summer. So she has been coming up with activities that they can enjoy together while outdoors. This includes but is not limited to; going for walks and making herb gardens together.
Submitted by Alex

Big Brother, Jeffrey Ku plays an integral role in his Little, James’ life. According to mom, Hanna, Jeff is one of the only positive adult male role models in James’ life. The match have built and continue to build a close friendship through their outings, and recently went on their first fishing trip together.
Jeff is always open to new suggestions and adventures to strengthen his friendship with his Little, and that is what makes Jeff an extraordinary volunteer!
Submitted by Mishma


Updated September 2019

Everyday Heroes – August 2019

Big Brother, Wade has been a very patient and understanding volunteer with his Little and the Family. It can hard to reach them and plan outings, and Little has forgotten about their outings and has not been ready or at home when Wade arrives to pick him up. Wade has remained positive, committed and has not let this discourage his dedication to the match. He has been able to build and maintain a strong relationship with his Little and plans to keep going as long as his Little wants to remain matched.
Submitted by Jeneti

Big Brother, Jordan Olstead has been matched with his little Noah for 4 months. Jordan made Noah his own mixtape CD of music and when Noah gets in the car he asks him if they can listen to “his music”. Jordan encourages Noah’s ideas no matter how small they are and is helping him work on saying please and thank you. Jordan is passionate about being a volunteer and shares his experience of being a big brother with his friends. He encourages his friends to become mentors and one of them has recently been matched!

Big Brother, Michael Kellough has been with his little for almost a year. But during this time he provided a safe place for little to express himself and come out from his shell. He is a form of male support and role model for little, giving him an outlet to talk, learn and share his feels. Little refers to his big as “ his actual big brother”.


Updated August 2019

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