Gardening5This past summer, Trinity Church gave our West Club the amazing opportunity to plant and grow their own vegetable garden. The church owns gardening land and it graciously donated half a plot to West Club along with tomato and cucumber plants.

Gardening3“This was the first time we had the opportunity to plant our own garden,” says Olivia Boyington, Program Staff at West Club. “It was really a special treat for our kids. They learned about how to plant seeds and make transplants, and they learned how to care for the plants. I even learned a few things too,” she laughs.

Gardening4Each week over the summer, Olivia and three committed youth, called The Gardening Group, went to the church to care for their veggies.

The first time they went, a lady from the church was there to teach them how to properly plant their tomatoes and cucumbers. “For instance, we didn’t know that you needed to water the dirt first and then plant,” Olivia explains.

Gardening1The kids’ favourite activities were weeding and watering, according to Olivia.

“Many of these kids have never gotten their hands dirty in a garden before, so it was all new and exciting to them,” Olivia says. “And they were so excited when they finally got to eat the tomatoes.” Unfortunately, the early September frost got the best of the rest of their small garden. Gardening2

This was a wonderful learning experience for a small, dedicated group of kids to discover where our vegetables come from, and see how a little bit of care can grow seeds into edible plants. We are so fortunate to have so many amazing community partners who enable us to better serve our kids and families.

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