IMG_1160Music, activity, confidence – three words that best describe this past Tuesday afternoon at 30 Minute Hit Edmonton. A group of girls from our Kinsmen and Rundle Clubs filled the south Edmonton gym with laughter and energy as they practiced their newly learned kickboxing skills.

Several weeks ago, BGCBigs Community Program Facilitator (CPF) Andrea was talking with a mom who was concerned with the lack of organized sports available for girls in their community. As a CFP, part of Andrea’s commitment to the kids of our community is to create programming that provides the best possible opportunities for them to have new experiences and develop new skills.

Since Andrea trains every week at 30 Minute Hit, she struck up a conversation with Terri Dregger, the Owner and Lead Trainer of the local women’s kickboxing gym, about what she might be able to do for 20 girls between the ages of 8 and 13. Without hesitation Terri was on board to create sessions for girls registered in the BGCBigs “Go Girls” program. The program aims to helps shape the lives of girls by building self-esteem and a positive self-image.

IMG_1234“Physical fitness is important for the healthy development and confidence of girls and we want to ensure sports are accessible for everyone,” says Terri. “We believe in getting involved with the community and empowering young women, we were excited to partner with BGCBigs.”

Terri donated her space and her time on Tuesday’s throughout July to teach the girls kickboxing. Together, they learned marital arts, self-defense, a fun workout, and some healthy eating tips.

During one of the snack times, a little girl said she would rather be eating candy. “Do you know what would happen if you put milk in a car?” Terri asked the group. “It probably wouldn’t run very well. Your body is kind of like a car; you have to give it the proper fuel.”

IMG_1197At their final session, one of the girls said that she was looking forward to going back to school because this type of program made her feel more confident. Another young lady said: “before this, I was really quiet. So I think this year, I might talk more at school.”

According to Terri, it’s extremely empowering for girls and women when they can learn an active skill like kickboxing that they may not have thought they could and realize it feels good to move and be healthy.

“Some of the girls were quite timid at the beginning of their first session,” Terri explains. “But I think they’ve all come out of their shell and are really trying their best to master the exercises and moves.”

We are so grateful that this new partnership with 30 Minute Hit allowed us to offer an exciting and unique way for our kids to learn the importance of being active and health. And with all of the laughter, dancing, and energy, and huge group hug, made it clear that the girls enjoyed their month of health and activity.


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