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What will make you feel happy and successful when you are an adult?

This is one of the many questions asked by Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada in their National Youth Survey. The results appear to point to a “happiness equation” that most children and youth agree with:

Happiness = Work + Family + Financial Stability (money)

While these are the results of a Youth Survey, I think we can all agree that this is a reasonable equation for happiness at all ages!

So what can we do to help young people become happy and successful in the future? Our survey respondents had lots of helpful suggestions – here are a few:

“Encourage me to follow what I like to do” Boy, 13-18

“Teach me new things and things you think will be important for me in the future” Boy, 8-12

“Always talk to me openly and honestly and have trust in me” Girl, 13-17

“Give more guidance about finding a career, earning money, and being patient when we need a moment to just have fun being young.” Girl, 18-24

Sounds like excellent advice!

Be The Reason...They Find Their Passion.

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