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The High Park Teen Mentoring Program is a Middle Years option where teens are paired with Early Years students to work on social and academic goals. The program is co-facilitated by the Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Middle Years mentors receive training on being a mentor. Middle Years students have created their own tutoring kits and they help their Early Years buddies improve numeracy and literacy skills. As well as academic growth, the Early Years students are learning social and communication skills and have a connection with one older student in their school.

Mentoring1My little buddy and I are making a Popsicle tower. He didn’t want to smile in the picture but we do really have a lot of fun together. I find it best to motivate my buddy by having him complete his math and reading work first and then move onto the fun activity. This way he can tell all his friends about the fun activity he did straight from his recent memory. ~ Jessica with Savo

Mentoring2I like coming to mentoring because I get to miss class and do lots of fun stuff. ~ Tresten I try to motivate my little buddy to complete his reading and math before we do the fun activities. He says “hi” and waves whenever he sees me in the hall. I’m learning a lot about dealing with kids and getting them focused. ~ Kyla

Mentoring3My buddy and I are a tough working team. We dominate on the scoreboard. So far, we have built the highest tower, had the farthest paper airplane throws, and pretty much do everything awesome! ~ Ryley and Isaac

Mentoring4My little buddy and I are making a spaghetti and marshmallow tower. It was so much fun even though the spaghetti kept breaking. Usually when we get together, we spend some time working on math and reading. I made a board game to make it more interesting and fun. ~Christie and Jackson

Mentoring5My buddy, Nicole, is rubbing a balloon on my head to make static electricity. Then we held it over a plate of salt and pepper and only the pepper stuck to the balloon! My big buddy is pretty funny! ~ Seth Whenever my little buddy sees me in the hallway, he says hi to me. It has been a lot of fun spending time with my little buddy. ~Nicole



My little buddy moved to B.C. a couple of weeks ago. I actually really miss Mentoring6him. I made a card and I filled it with balloons that had special messages on them and my school is going to send it to him. The balloons remind me of all the fun times we had playing with balloons together in the hallway. I taught him how to count by 2s and 3s up to 100 by hitting the balloons. ~ Raeanne

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