What kid doesn’t love bouncing on a trampoline? On Tuesday night, nearly 90 of our club kids got to bounce their hearts out. They were at Launch Pad – Edmonton’s Trampoline Park, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the BGCBigs Club at University of Alberta. Some kids did tricks, others swam through (or jumped into) a huge foam pit, and some just bounced the evening away on one of the many trampolines. They all had a blast.

Kids at Launch Pad“It was amazing and everyone did a really good job following the rules and playing safe,” says Sandie LaBrie, community programs supervisor. “The kids had so much fun and the Launch Pad staff were incredibly supportive. It was fantastic and just a wonderful idea.”

Since September, the U of A BGCBigs club has been investing their time and energy into hosting a year-end event for the kids who are involved with BGCBigs programs. The group of university students held bake sales, hosted comedy nights, and received funds through the Young Edmonton Grant from the Edmonton Community Foundation in order to turn their innovative idea into an exciting experience for our community’s kids. And because of that money, everything was paid for so the kids and their families could focus on enjoying dinner and jumping around to their hearts content.

“Having events like this gives these youth an opportunity to engage with kids from other parts of the city and make new friendships,” says Lucas Porciello, volunteer recruitment and training facilitator. “Overall, I think it went really well and the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves.”

This is just one example of how BGCBigs work in partnership with volunteers and other organizations to create healthy community solutions (and fun experiences) that facilitate the healthy development of children. And this time we couldn’t have done it without the U of A BGCBigs Club. So, on behalf of our kids and families, thank you!

Want to see more? Check out more photos and a short video of the event!

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