I’ve been waiting for a Big since I turned 12. Now I’m turning 14 and I’d still like to have another guy to hang out with. My dad isn’t part of my life so I spend lots of time with my mom and sister. I have friends at school, but none of them live near me so we don’t hang out very often.  That’s why I’ve been waiting so long for Big Brother – not very many Bigs live in North Edmonton where we are.

kid on a benchMom keeps saying we’ll get a cat, but we haven’t yet; I love animals so I hope we get one soon. I know everything about whales and sloths. Mom says I love learning, and I think she’s right. She also says I’m caring, empathetic, and easy going. I like playing video games, watching movies and spending time outside. Basketball, baseball, and swimming are my favourite sports.

I’m the fastest runner in my class and the top math student!  I also have a pretty strong throwing arm. If I were to get three wishes, I’d spend two of them on me and I’d use the last one to get my mom a new truck.

They say I have FASD and ADD but as long as I’m taking my medication think I’m fine. People say I’m quiet and a little shy.  I think I could get along with almost anyone.

I would really love a mentor who is Metis like me or just someone who would spend time exploring Aboriginal culture with me. If my Big Brother lived in my neighborhood or close to me, that would be awesome because it would be really easy to hang out.

If you think we could be friends, please apply to become a Big Brother. If they don’t match you with me, they’ll match you to another awesome Little.

Be The Reason...They Find Their Passion.

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