Today, Boys & Girls Clubs presented initial results from the National Youth Survey 2013 via webcast from Ottawa.  4 Club kids from across Canada shared these results and answered questions candidly as to what influences the confidence of a young person.

In conjunction with this presentation is the launch of the new  The World According to Us official website.  A platform for the voices of children and youth and a place where they can share their stories, this site is a means of continuing the conversation and demonstrating the value we have in the opinions and experiences of young people.

The Vision of TWAU is “A world where all children and youth know they are respected and valued, where they know they make a difference.”

3,000 youth were surveyed and a synopsis of the results can be found here.  The-World-According-To-Us-Infographic-FINAL




Be The Reason...They Find Their Passion.

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