Tenors image (2)You can make a difference with a simple download of the new song ‘I Thank You’ by the Tenors and featuring Laura Kaeppeler – which brings the cause of mentoring to millions of people in an entirely new way; through music.  The song reflects the experiences of so many young people – having seen their own lives positively impacted and wanting to find a way to express their appreciation.  Commemorating the 100th anniversary of Big Brothers Big Sisters – the song is available for download worldwide through iTunes starting October 15th, 2013.

Click here to preview the song and video. 

Click here to buy The Tenors single on I-Tunes where 50 cents from each download goes to Big Brothers Big Sisters. 

In an article in MetroNews today, The Tenors shared their own experiences with mentors.

Fraser Walters

Musical mentors

“I have been extremely lucky to have many important mentors in my life. Other than my family, three amazing musical mentors were (and still are!) Katie Drysdale (my first childhood voice coach), Gerry Van Wyck (choral/orchestral conductor), and Rena Sharon (university music professor). All three have been instrumental in guiding me through different stages of musical and life experience. I cherish them all!”

Remi Pereira

Family and friends

“I have had a few mentors throughout my life, including my parents, my child and my teachers. From them I have learned the importance of respect, loyalty and commitment to your partner and family. In music, my teachers have been the force behind me, showing me that I can extend myself to reach my lofty dreams.”

Victor Micallef

Voice teacher

“Someone who mentored me was my Italian voice teacher Franco Pagliazzi. Not only was he an incredible teacher but he was a father figure far away from home. He taught me everything about the Florentine way of life and gave me invaluable insight on how to perform the Italian operatic repertoire. I have incredible respect for his artistry as a master singer and teacher, and he will always be a dear friend.”

Clifton Murray


“My influence is my mother. Her tireless efforts to improve the lives of those less fortunate inspires me to always look beyond myself. She has continued to seek out the less fortunate and make their lives better in some way. There are so many stories where my mother has selflessly brought someone in need the support, resources and love that they needed, enabling them to provide for themselves.”

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