Leadership Team

Our staff team is made of over 100 individuals who care about the future of each child we serve. We’re so grateful to have them working for us. Below is our Leadership Team.

Liz O’Neill
Executive Director
Phone: 780-984-3925
Email: liz.oneill@bgcbigs.ca

Kerry Woodland
Director of Service Delivery
Phone: 780-822-2518
Email: Kerry.woodland@bgcbigs.ca

Kim Collister
Volunteer and Staff Resource Manager
Phone: 780-822-2542
Email: kim.collister@bgcbigs.ca

Dawna Mercier
Finance Manager
Cell: 780-822-2547
Email: dawna.mercier@bgcbigs.ca

Danisha Bhaloo-Shivji – Development & Communication Manager
Phone: 780-860-2561
Email: Danisha.bhaloo-shivji@bgcbigs.ca

Sandra Prefontaine
Community Initiatives Lead
Phone: 780-937-1005
Email: Sandra.prefontaine@bgcbigs.ca

Amanda Harry
Community Initiatives Manager
Phone: 780-937-1003
Email: Amanda.harry@bgcbigs.ca

Bryan Broadbent
Facility Manager
Phone: 780-233-4216
Email: bryan.broadbent@bgcbigs.ca

Jenna Brewer
Recruitment and Partnership Manager
Phone: 780-822-2510
Email: jenna.brewer@bgcbigs.ca

Amy Jeske
Mentoring Manager Community Based
Phone: 780-822-2519
Email: amy.jeske@bgcbigs.ca

Ian Amundson
Club Manager
Phone: 780-616-5732
Email: ian.amundson@bgcbigs.ca

Kenda Burke
Evaluation Specialist
Phone: 780-822-2544
Email: kenda.burke@bgcbigs.ca

Sentsetsa Pilane
Program Development Coach
Phone: 780-822-2530
Email: Sentsetsa.pilane@bgcbigs.ca

Tracy Lockhart
Strathcona Team Lead
Phone: 780-420-6352
Email: tracy.lockhart@bgcbigs.ca


Main Switchboard

All BGCBigs Staff

P: 780.424.8181
E: communications@bgcbigs.ca

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