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Proposal Due By: December 4th, 2020
Short listed Presentation date: December 16th, 2020
Final Decision Will be made by: December 22nd, 2020
Successful Candidate Will Be Informed by: December 22nd, 2020

Our Impact:

Boys and Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters (BGCBigs) is a community-supported organization committed to the holistic healthy development of children, youth, and their families by providing safe places, positive relationships, equity driven services, committing to fight racism, dismantling barriers and creating opportunities to develop personal strengths and interpersonal skills that enhance their long-term success in life. Many of the young people we serve and the volunteers that we support represent communities that are and have been more adversely affected by racism. BGCBigs also works in partnership with other community organizations to develop and deliver programs geared to specific populations, such as the immigrant and refugee community, the Indigenous community, and other vulnerable groups (e.g. BIPOC and LGBTQ youth). We recognize that we can learn, unlearn, renew our ways of being and working so that we are able to leverage our sphere of influence to help dismantle racism and co-create with our communities a more racially just, equitable and dignified life for all of us.

Project RFP:

Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area Anti-Racism and Equity Initiative


Initiative Overview

BGCBIGS is undertaking an Anti-Racism and Equity Initiative in order to inform, renew, and strengthen our resolve and commitment to collaboratively co-create a more racially just and equitable working culture and society needed for all of us to live a life of dignity and thrive. We will collaborate with all of our stakeholders, including families, children, youth, volunteers, partners and staff.

Our goal is to transform ourselves, intentionally work differently, and tell our story in ways that are impactful and communicate the increased need for different ways of working together that can help our children and families who are marginalized and racialized.

To perform this work effectively, we will need a coach or coaches to assist us in checking our blind spots in how we work, relate, collaborate, offer or receive support and bring others to work with us, as well as help us find resources and funding. We see some of our preliminary focus areas being:

  • Reviewing agency policies across our various departments
  • Reviewing client and volunteer intake processes to ensure we are not creating barriers for certain groups of people interested in getting involved with our agency
  • Critically examining hiring and training practices to ensure anti-racist and equitable processes
    • Additionally examining the supports available to staff to further their professional development and nurture their success
  • Examining how language barriers play a role barring clients, volunteers and staff from meaningfully interacting with our agency
  • Reviewing our programming spaces and infrastructure to ensure inclusivity and safety
  • Examining agency partnerships and donors to ensure that our supporters are similarly committed to equitability and racial justice
    • Additionally exploring strategies for moving forward if our supporter views do not align with our own
  • Exploring how we may provide ongoing education and learning to ensure that anti-racism becomes a permanent fixture of the agency

We are in a moment in history where racism and divisiveness are prominent in societies all across the world. We want our stakeholders to know that we are adapting rapidly to the changing needs of our community, that we are here for them in ways that they need us to be, and that BGCBIGS exists to serve the children and families of our community.

Anti-Racism & Equity Initiative RFP Goals

Anti-Racism Statement:

BGCBigs is dedicated to supporting thousands of children and youth across our communities that we serve. Many of the young people we serve and the volunteers that we support represent communities that are and have been affected by racism.  As allies, we are committed to the ending of the societal and systemic racism that has been built upon years of complacency and acceptance of the status quo. Racism simply cannot be tolerated in any form, in any way.  Three of our core values – Belonging, Respect and Speaking Out – are central to our approach of inclusion in our organization. It is imperative that we work hard to take responsibility, to lead, and to help demolish the inequities that racism has created.  Our goal at BGCBigs is to ensure that.  We cannot stand by – we will have the difficult conversations and open dialogue that are necessary to move forward to build a just society for all.  We at BGCBigs are committed to being an active part of the solution.

Our goals are to:

  • Develop an understanding of our (agency and staff) strengths/what to celebrate and enhance, our weaknesses/biases and blind spots/gaps
  • Develop an understanding of the role(s) of being an anti-racism ally and what it means to lead in dismantling racism and racist tendencies or practices
  • Help lead and co-create psychologically, culturally, racially and humanely safe spaces for interactions that elevate our dignity individually and collectively
  • Develop an understanding of anti-discrimination: language, culture, creed, values, comparatively juxtaposing anti-racism along with its impact and racism along with its impacts
  • Expound and illustrate how anti-racism ethos brings social justice and elimination of inequities in different areas of life
  • Assist in advancing and embedding anti-racism within our BGCBigs practices, programs, journey and relationships
  • Develop strategies to engage families and children and partners in our learnings and in our discussions and in our recommendations on practice and policy
  • Reflect on ways to apply anti-discrimination at multiple levels and creating opportunities for equity
  • Learn to incorporate strategies for effectively engaging with others on anti-discrimination topics.

Partnerships – Better Together

Please note that our national agency, Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada, has recently hired a consultant to undertake similar work at a national level. While we understand that our local organization and the diverse communities that we serve is unique and we are committed to learn locally, our team also participates in dialogue with Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada on anti-racism. We anticipate that the successful RFP provider will work with us in partnership with our national counterpart by co-sharing knowledge and resources that best benefits our children, youth and families.

Our Outcomes:

  • Our children, youth and families feel supported and have access to equitable opportunities
  • Our youth have the right to be full participants in society and to walk without fear of racism

Our Audience: Our staff, volunteers, children, youth, families, partners and other stakeholders,

Proposed Initiative Consultation Start: January 4th, 2021

Proposed Coaching Period:  To be determined with successful candidate

Proposal highlights- Will include:


·      Stakeholder focused EDI assessment/audit with a special emphasis on racial equity

·      Based on the results of the EDI assessment/audit, coaching as we follow through on recommendations and anticipated outcomes


Scope of Work

Timeline and Deliverables:

December 4th – RFP due, including costs of all items laid out in this proposal.
December 16th – Short listed presentations (15 to 20 minutes)
December 22nd – Decision will be made
December 22nd 2020 – Successful candidate will be informed and agreement negotiations
January 4th 2021 – September 30, 2021 (this initiative may be extended as needed)
We will require the following:

·      A budget on what it will cost for all of the items that we have laid out in this proposal that are required for this project.

·      Internal Assessment to advise BGCBigs staff on the effective execution of the initiative,

·      Input into messaging use and timing and in what mediums (the Strategy),

·      A consulting and coaching plan guided by the assessment and recommended action

BGCBigs will provide:

Clear direction throughout the planning of the work and throughout the project.

Access to existing data, policies and processes of the organization.

Assigned project staff

Timely payment of monthly fees



Please submit your proposal to:

Sentsetsa Pilane
Program Development Coach
10135 89 Street, Edmonton, AB T5H 1P6

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