rossOur dear Ross Tyson, Assistant Executive Director and Executive Director of the former Boys & Girls Clubs of Edmonton is set to retire at the end of June.  Yesterday, our staff met for a monthly meeting at which Ross was honoured for the first time of several over the next 10 days.  More photos and updates will follow as we recognize the incredible contributions of this energetic and dedicated man.

UPDATE!  Ross will officially retire at the end of June.  On Thursday, June 6th, friends, colleagues, board members and staff, gathered to celebrate the departure of a wonderful leader.  Some amazing friends were on hand and the generous folks at Automated Aquatics surprised Ross and BGCBigs with a donation of $25,000 in his honour.  Thank you so very much to Darrel Martin, your lovely wife, and the incredible staff of AA.  We are so grateful for your generosity and commitment to the children and youth of our community.

Click here to see Ross’s message to his friends and the community he has dedicated his life to supporting. 

Some more photos from Ross’s retirement luncheon…

Ross Tyson Retirement, certificate

Ross Tyson, Liz O'Neill, Naming PlaqueA new room at the McCauley Club has been officially named the “Ross Tyson Multi-Purpose Room”.  For generations, kids in our community will remember the contributions this wonderful man has made, in order that they may have access to the support and safety provided by this facility and its staff.






Mrs. Tyson

 Ross Tyson, Liz O'Neill, Darrel MartinDarrel Martin, with Ross Tyson and Liz O’Neill.  The donation by Darrel and the team at Automated Aquatics, of $25,000, is such a fitting and generous acknowledgement of the relationships developed by Ross over the years.  This investment in our work is so very appreciated.


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