2015-02-25 17.59.08Since yesterday was National Day to End Bullying, we thought it would be appropriate to throwback to February 25 – Pink Shirt Day.

Pink Shirt Day (PSD) began in Nova Scotia, Canada in 2007. A group of students decided to defend a kid who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. In a show of solidarity, many of his peers turned up to school the next day wearing pink shirts, and PSD was born.

2015-02-25 17.35.31By wearing a pink shirt, people identify themselves as an ally, as someone who will stand up against bullying. The pink shirt is a way of showing those being bullied that there are many people around who care.

In our 2015 celebration of Pink Shirt Day, kids from all our Edmonton Clubs came to McCauley to participate in anti-bullying activities such as zumba and adding their hand print to a declaration that we will collectively stand up against bullying. The evening included inspirational talks from BGCBigs Executive Director Liz O’Neill, former delegate for Canada to Miss Universe, Chelsey Smith, and former Edmonton Eskimo and member of the winning Grey Cup Saskatchewan Roughriders, Graeme Bell.

2015-02-25 15.20.42Meanwhile, our Wabamun Club held a celebration of their own! They talked about what each of them could do to help make sure their club and community are inclusive for everyone. Children drew their own pictures of what they could do to help make the club safe and happy.

Danika suggested that she could help make people feel welcome by telling them that she likes spending time with them.

Avery suggested inviting people to join into group games, and Isabella and Alex said that if they saw someone get hurt, they could help by getting bandaids and an adult to help.

2015-02-25 17.58.07The kids then helped arrange their pictures in a display on the wall at the Club before playing a teamwork game, Shrinking Islands, where children and staff all had to work together to make sure everyone was included on an island, and no one was left out.

Thanks to London Drugs for providing the shirts and supporting our Pink Shirt Day efforts and to Shaw Media for capturing the awesome evening!

Watch Shaw Media’s coverage of the event from Go! Edmonton.


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