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Bigs In Clubs & Groups

Overview: Our Clubs and school based after school programs are safe places for kids to go between school and home. We run registered and non-registered programming, provide snacks and hot meals, and schedule fun and education field trips throughout the year. Club mentors (Bigs) spend time with kids playing games or sports, baking, helping with homework, and supporting our staff.

Mentees: Kids between 6 and 18 in the neighbourhood or school where the Club is located who need somewhere safe to go after school.

Mentors: Anyone over the age of 18 who is comfortable hanging out with a group of children.

Minimum Commitment: Flexible depending on the location and duration of the program

Availability: Edmonton. View the map below for specific locations

When: After school

Where: 9 Community Clubs and 5 School Based Clubs

Our Clubs are more than just safe places for kids to be after school. Click here to learn Jennifer’s take.

by Jennifer Lopez

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