Graduation Bigs

Graduation Bigs

Overview: This program matches one mentor (Big) with one mentee (Little) and focuses on helping students reach high school graduation. Volunteers participate in activities that help to build the relationship between mentor and mentee and also activities that focus on helping the youth reach their goals. Examples of outings include: job shadowing, going on college or university tours, volunteering together, working on homework, studying, working on job or school applications, cultural activities, school events, etc.

Mentees: High school students who need additional support in pursuing their academic and career goals.

Mentors: Anyone over 18 who has a background in post-secondary and is interested in a helping a youth achieve their goals.

Minimum Commitment: 1 to 3 years depending on the grade of the student, minimum 1 hour a week.

Availability: Currently this program is running out of the Eastglen High School.

When: After school and on weekends. Occasionally during the school day.

Where: In the community going to explore universities and colleges, career fairs, coffee shops. Occasionally at the child’s school.

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