Queer Youth Mentoring

pride-logoQueer Youth Mentoring Program

Overview: A twist on the traditional Big Brothers Big Sisters program, our Queer Youth Mentoring program is specifically designed for youth who identify as LGBTQ+ and match them with someone who understands. This program is also available in a group setting.

Mentees: Members of the LGBTQ + community ages 12- 24 (some exceptions may apply, for clarification contact The Pride Centre at 780.488.3234)

Mentors: Members of the LGBTQ + community aged 18 and older

Minimum Commitment: Bi-weekly or bi-monthly for a minimum of one year

Availability: Edmonton

Where: In the community or a The Pride Centre

When: Evenings and/or weekends when the mentor and mentee are both available


Pride Centre

Mentoring Coordinator

P: 780.488.3234

Shellie Dodd

Enrollment Supervisor

P: 780.488.2520
E. shellie.dodd@bgcbigs.ca