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Volunteers Are Heroes

Apr 12, 2015

“I think a hero is any person really intent on making this world a better place for all people.” -Maya Angelou


At Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters we couldn’t agree more. To us, those heroes are our volunteers. Over 3,000 of them make it possible for us to provide caring relationships and safe places for nearly 5,000 children and families each year. They invest their time, commitment, and passion to offer guidance, friendship, and support to kids in our community regardless of whether that impact is direct or indirect – their hearts are the same. They are our Big Brothers, Big Sisters, In School Mentors, Club Volunteers, Corporate Mentors, Agency Volunteers, Event Volunteers and Board Members. It’s takes each and every one of them to make our work possible.

In honour of National Volunteer Week 2015 which runs from April 12 to 18, we decided to talk to our kids about what volunteers mean to them. We hope you all enjoy and we can’t thank you – our volunteers, our heroes – enough for the life changing work you do.


“Volunteering is helping people that need it.” – Jayda

“Most of them like to have fun with the kids and are very active. They like to play games with the kids. Maya is my favourite because she helped me when I had a problem, she is very nice and always there to help the kids.” – Annie

“They are nice, they’re helpful, they encourage me.” – Anonymous

“Volunteering is kindness to all the kids because volunteers don’t just volunteer if they don’t like kids, they volunteer if they like them and want to help them.” – Giselle

Levi - NWV 2015

“It is exciting to see my big brother every time. I recommend anyone who doesn’t have a brother or a sister, to get one!” – Levi

“I like volunteers because they help kids when they are hurt and they open the multipurpose room so we can play games and go on the computers” – Sky

“It means funness!” – Star

“It means that if all the other staff are busy I have somebody else to turn to.” – Achol M.

“My volunteer is nice and he came for Master Builders. He also helped me build a house with legos.” – Anonymous

“Jason has helped me with my confidence, my health and weight, and helped me cope with my anxiety . He is very funny; I am always happy when he’s around. His entire family has made me feel welcomed. He is the best Big Brother for me!” – Reece

“I think it gives kids a chance to meet new people and get to know them more.” – Achol A.

“I am also so thankful for everything Jason has done for Reece, he has changed his life.”  – Shelley (mom)

“I like my big sister because she’s nice, because she gives me a break from my brothers for an hour and a half, the one where she spun me round at the park was my favourite outing. I LOVE the outings and look forward to them every time!”  – Becca

Alida - NVW 2012

My favourite thing is when Michelle first started volunteering she was the nicest person who would play with me.” – Ayom

“My big sister takes care of me. She always comes with a smile. She teaches me new things.” – Alida

“My favorite thing is when volunteers play with me.” – Anonymous

“I’ve only just started meeting up, my big brother is fun, the outings are something to look forward – the one at the trampoline park was my favourite one so far.” – Rordy

“Thank you… it is hard to show the volunteers how much they are in fact appreciated – thank you doesn’t quite go far enough!” – Liz (mom)

“I like that Jeff helps a lot of people when he is here.” – Omar

“My favourite things is that they help me do stuff and they are nice to me” – Anonymous

“I like Lara because she’s fun and she helps kids when they need help and she is fun to be around. And she tries to get to know other people.” – Achol A.

“When the volunteer comes, it makes me happy.” – Anonymous

“Volunteering means that they do a job.” – Omar

“I like that some of them like to play basketball with me.” – Adam

“I am glad they are a part of my life.” – Anonymous

“Volunteering means helpers. They help me a lot. Brian is helpful with crafts.” – Abdi

“I like that Ashley plays with me every time she comes here. She is a good volunteer.” – Averie

“I like volunteers because they are really really really nice. Kevin and I both like basketball and he plays with me.” – Flash

“I like volunteers because they play games with me and they help me do my work. And they really make me feel happy when I am sad.” – Arek

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