Each year, Boys & Girls Club Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area supports almost 5,000 children and youth and their families. But we don’t do it alone. Every single day, we rely on the time, commitment, and passion of over 3,000 volunteers who are at the core of our work providing safe places and positive relationships. They offer guidance and friendship as a positive role model to kids, regardless of whether they are a Big Brother or Sister, a Club Volunteer, Corporate Volunteer, or just someone who lends a helping hand to our staff. We are incredibly grateful to get to work with amazing volunteers who truly make a difference in the lives of children and youth in our community and in the lives of everyone they meet.

As part of National Volunteer Week, which runs from April 6 to 13, we say thank you to each of our wonderful volunteers – past, present and future – for everything they do for our community.

Volunteers are the catalysts of our organization. They are the reason we are able to accomplish our mission, and make lasting impacts on our community through providing safe places and positive relationships for our children and youth. Sometimes it seems like such a little thing to spend an hour reading or walking with a child, taking an interest in them and listening to and encouraging their hopes and dreams, but it has a significant impact. To each and every volunteer from the bottom of all of our hearts – thank you so much for everything you do.
– Liz O’Neil, Executive Director

“Our volunteers always melt my heart. It is truly inspiring to see how they start off as complete strangers and quickly become vital members of the BGCBigs family! Thank you!”
– Beth Mayko, Executive Assistant

“Volunteers give so much to BGCBigs. They give their time, their energy, their hearts, and themselves in support of others. Our volunteers impact and shape our community in endless ways; in schools, in clubs, and in the community, our volunteers empower children and youth to feel confident about themselves, to learn skills to carry them forward in life, to play, and to enjoy their childhood! They are invaluable and are what make BGCBigs great!”
– Sarah Erickson, Manager of Service Delivery

“The BGCBigs volunteers are mentors not just to the kids they befriend.  In their communities they are leading by example and demonstrating the true meaning of generosity of spirit.  I am personally grateful to have so many incredible people in my life.”
– Lana Tordoff, Manager of Marketing and Communications

“Through texting, Facebook, Twitter and talking, our volunteers are one of our greatest assets. Volunteers hold an enormous power. Not only in the life of a child or an issue today…but in the future of a not for profit organization. And the best thing about volunteers is that they don’t do it for the recognition, despite the fact that they’ve earned it ten times over. So, thank you to all our Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and Mentors for your dedication to our children and families”
– Danisha Bhaloo, Manager of Fund Development

“We are so very grateful for our amazing volunteers, without them we wouldn’t be able to do the great work we do – they are the ones who make a significant difference in the lives of the children we serve”.
– Jody Belter, Supervisor of One-to-One Programs

“Our volunteers are a diverse group and their experiences expose the kids within the agency to so much. These experiences would not likely happen if they didn’t become a part of our agency.”
– Chelsie Pul-Agan Supervisor of Volunteer Services, Recruitment & Training

“Volunteers are essential to the good work our agency does in the community. I’ve seen volunteers demonstrate willing hearts, compassion for others, and this is a spirit I’m so happy to see passed on to the children and youth that our volunteers work to mentor.”
– Jennifer Reirson, Enrollment Facilitator

“Volunteers are a very important part of the clubs as they can offer different ideas, skills, perspectives, and experiences. We appreciate our volunteers greatly, as we would not be able to provide so many of our amazing programs without them! Thank you for sharing your time with us!”
– Danielle Bolton, Community Program Facilitator at Tweddle

“We are so grateful for our volunteers. Their willingness to help out with everything from cleaning, to playing with the kids, to helping a child out one-on-one when he or she needs it is wonderful. I am honoured to have such amazing people volunteer with us. Thank you!”
– Ember Ellis, Program Staff at McCauley

“With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, our communities and families are hugely benefited by volunteers. BGCBigs volunteers are active members of society;  they meet new friends and learn new skills. But most importantly, they make the work of supporting families and communities possible. All of us are grateful that our volunteers are able to positivity interact with our kids to help them become better students and better siblings. Without the help of our beloved volunteers our goals would be impossible to meet and our kids would lose out on a great asset. I would personally like to thank all of our volunteers for the great work they have done all year long.”
– Mohamed Hanaffi, Program Staff at Kinsmen

National Volunteer Week

Click here if you would like to learn how to become a member of our BGCBigs Volunteer Team!

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