Dang’s Big First Day

Epcor giving back

Written by EPCOR‘s Connie Smart Dang’s first day at BGCBigs’ McCauley Club ended on a high note – literally. Overlooking Giovanni Caboto Park, in a bucket truck with an EPCOR power lineman by his side, his infectious smile shone wide above a community that wants to lift him up. The evening was hosted by a crew of EPCOR employees. This was his fifth trip up in the bucket. At eight years old, a pair of strong hands was needed to … Continue reading

Edmonton Kids Develop Trust & Confidence

What’s the definition of a “win-win” mentoring program? According to Liz O’Neill, it’s a productive exchange between mentor and pupil – or, in the language of Edmonton’s Boys and Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters (BGCBigs), between “bigs” and “littles.” With school back in session for the fall, BGCBigs and Enbridge are about to begin the fifth year of a groundbreaking on-site corporate mentoring program in Edmonton – an initiative that pairs up grade-schoolchildren with Enbridge employees in Alberta’s capital, … Continue reading

Collaboration is Key

Since 2006, The Stollery Charitable Foundation (SCF) has supported our agency with over $700,000 through their endowed private family foundation founded by Robert and Shirley Stollery. In 2011, a grant provided by the foundation helped ease the various costs incurred during the amalgamation of Edmonton’s former Boys & Girls Clubs with the former Big Brothers Big Sisters agency of Edmonton. In addition, SCF supported our creation of targeted programming within our club sites to alleviate childhood obesity and teach children and youth … Continue reading

Building Communities

The year was 1990. Canada was in the middle of the Gulf War – the first ever televised – and nearly every citizen had their attention glued to a TV. Big Brothers and Big Sisters had just merged in Edmonton and we were trying to sell tickets to our Dream Home Lottery. We struggled to get the attention of our buyers and with the totals a little low our leadership decided to try another lottery in the same year. “The … Continue reading

The Gift that Keeps on Giving: The Butler Family Foundation

Like many Edmontonians, William Butler wanted to help make his community a better place. After years of donating to numerous non-profits, he decided to be more intentional with his philanthropy by establishing the Butler Family Foundation in 2007, along with the help of four other family members. Since 2008, the Butler Family Foundation has given BGCBigs close to $120,000, helping fund some of the agency’s amalgamation costs incurred by merging Boys & Girls Clubs of Edmonton and Big Brothers Big … Continue reading