Diversion First

DIVERSIONfirst is a partnered program with Boys and Girls Club Big Brothers Big Sisters, YMCA of Northern Alberta, and the Edmonton Police Services. There are two streams to this program one being Diversion and the second being Support. With Diversion EPS officers refer youth who have been caught with conducting a small offence crime, these youth are then referred to DIVERSIONfirst.

In the DIVERSIONfirst program, all partnered agencies work with the youth to identify the offence and divert that youth from re-offending through an apology, community service and connecting to resources. The second aspect of this program is having youth who are in need of all-around support connected with services that will help them step out of crisis and lower the risk of offending. DIVERSIONfirst works with youth 10-17 in the Edmonton, Alberta region.


Referral Process

BGCBigs receives its referrals primarily via DIVERSIONfirst. BGCBigs seeks to be part of the intervention at the onset to begin building a meaningful relationship with both the youth as well as their family and personal network.

To learn more, please contact Jenna Brewer at 780.822.2510 or jenna.brewer@bgcbigs.ca.

Program Partners