Family Resources

Our partner Alberta Health Services (AHS), will be continuing their caregiver education workshops. You can visit their website to learn more and join their mailing list. Sessions are currently online.

  • Parenting groups
    • S.E.E.D.S
    • Mental Health and Resiliency Series
  • Covid 19 Mental Health Resources
  • Mental Health Literacy Series of videos and Information Sheets

Sessions are currently online.

  • Parenting Education
    • Triple P for different age groups.
    • Handle with Care
    • Kids Have Stress Too
    • Parenting a Balancing Act
    • Raising Amazing Kids
    • Nobody’s Perfect
  • Family Support Groups
  • Child and Youth Programs

Sessions are conditionally held in person.

Parent and Caregiver Education Programs are registered in seasons. Spring starts March 30, 2021. They are hopeful to be held in person.

Programs are divided by age group.

Sessions are not currently running; registration will soon be available.

  • Parenting Programs
    • Programs are divided by age group.
    • Multicultural Parent Education
    • Nobody's Perfect Parenting Program
    • Fatherhood Initiative Program Dad's role as caregiver
    • Family Support Groups
    • Child and Youth Programs
  • Youth Programs

Sessions are currently online.

  • Virtual Parent Education Group
    • Triple P Parenting Program
    • Empower-U
  • Family Support

Ben Calf Robe Society

  • Indigenous Wellness Parenting Program
  • Traditional Parenting Program
  • Indigenous Family Literacy
  • Family Support Services
  • Youth Intervention

The Family Centre offers classes.

Note: some require payment.

  • Parenting groups
  • One on one parenting sessions
  • Anger management

If you would like to connect with a professional about your child or youth’s mental health or for more personalized resources, you can connect with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Intake at 780-342-2701.

For more community resources and information, visit to find resources or connect virtually to someone who helps guide you to what you are looking for. Call 211 to speak to someone over the phone.