How will you spend your extra hour?

Canadians are so time-crunched that 62 per cent think life is passing them by, new study finds.   With the clocks about to fall back and give busy Canadians the rare luxury of an extra hour, people across the country will be deciding how they will spend their precious gift of time. A Standard Life Value of an Hour Survey conducted for Big Brothers Big Sisters shows how busy Canadians actually are and what they would do if they had … Continue reading

Important resource for your child’s safety

SOS Kids Magazine is doing important work in Western Canada, informing and engaging young people about a variety of topics, including bullying, peer pressure, the huge crystal meth epidemic, teen suicide and much more.  The magazine is distributed free to more than 600 schools and available online here.  We spoke to Chad this morning who shared some pretty incredible stories of how kids and parents have used the information shared by SOS in their own lives to make good decisions … Continue reading