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After School Learning

Jul 27, 2016

IMG_2425Learning shouldn’t have to end when the school bell rings. For the kids of Wabamun and the surrounding area it doesn’t have to. For the past three years, the Wabamun After School Program has served around 150 children and their families thanks to ongoing funding from from the RBC After School Project.

According the Principal Richard Kniel, aside from the Wabamun After School Program, there are very few recreational opportunities in Wabamun. With no public transit, kids are often limited in how they get to nearby communities with recreation.

IMG_2404Run like a Boys & Girls Club, the Wabamun program offers children and youth opportunities to build the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their full potential by supporting their culture, physical activity, health and nutrition, academic support, growth and empowerment, life skills, and leadership.

“The club has been instrumental in providing social emotional growth, positive friendship building, support for families, academic assistance, exploration of the arts, and positive role models for children,” Richard explains.

IMG_2474One of the parents told us that her daughter has loved the program ever since it started. She has so much fun that she’s always upset when she can’t make it due to other family plans.

Since the inception of the Wabamun Club, the Wabamun school has seen a reduction in the kids being sent to the office, an increase in school volunteers, fewer behaviourial issues, and a more welcoming school culture.

“BGCBigs knows kids need safe places to continue learning after school’ says Janelle Maharaj, Supervisor of Community Programs with BGCBigs. “Our Wabamun program offers kids and youth snacks, homework help and learning programs, recreation activities and knowledgeable and caring staff. RBC’s support is so appreciated. The community has told us how much they value this program, and we are truly grateful for the partnership that has allowed us to run it.”

“This is a very important investment in RBC’s eyes,” says Buffy Lammie, Regional Vice President of RBC. “It’s important to play and learn and grow together, and we believe with this donation we are investing our future leaders.”

We are so grateful to RBC for continuing to fund this program for the 2016/2017 school year. They have been a crucial supporting of so many of our programs since 1996, and we look forward to working with them to support our youth moving forward!

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