A.J.'s Story

AJ Keller and Colby .Match

“I'm A.J. Keller. I've been a Big Brother with BGCBigs for seven years. My "Big" journey has been amazing. I've been lucky enough to have had 4 Little Brothers. I've made 4 friendships that will leave a lasting impression on me, and hopefully on my Little Brothers, too.

My current "Little" is Colby. He's a very thoughtful 12-year-old that loves going on adventures. When we were matched, we started talking about our favorite activities. Colby told me all about Geocaching. When I realized it was basically Treasure Hunting, I knew we had to try it.

I'll never forget the feeling of finding our first "cache"! It was extremely exciting for both of us! Geocaching is a great way to spend time outside and do problem solving as a team.

I imagine most adults would assume that our "Littles" are always learning from us. This time, I definitely learned something from my "Little". That collaboration is what I love about being a Big Brother. I don't have to dictate what we do or where we go. Colby and I pick our activities together.

I would recommend being a Big Brother or Big Sister to anyone. When I volunteer with BGCBigs, I feel like I'm doing something good for the community. However, I also believe that volunteering as a Big Brother is good for my mental health. Colby's energy and curiosity is infectious. I truly believe I'm better off because I'm a Big Brother.”

- A.J. Keller, Volunteer Mentor