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BGCBigs’ Matches had fun in the sun at our Community Picnic Match Event!

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Jul 2, 2024

On Saturday June 15, 2024, BGCBigs held a Picnic Match Event for our Community-Based mentor and mentees at our West Club. We invited mentors, mentees and their families, as well as children, youth and families currently on our waitlist, with 135 people attending the event. Our guests enjoyed various activities such as giant bubble blowing, face painting, henna, Spike Ball, a bouncy castle and more.

Thank you to our special guests and community partners who joined us and brought even more exciting activities for everyone to enjoy:

The Edmonton Public Library brought their Literacy Van with a large selection of books for folks to check out, a giant foam dinosaur skeleton puzzle, giant Jenga, and puppets.

102.3 NOW Radio came by with their Trucksicle to hand out popsicles.

SkillCity set up Virtual Reality games inside the Club.

A.J. Keller with 840 CFCW AM set up a leaderboard with some mini games such as Ladder Golf, Knockin’ Blocks, and Corn Hole.

Edmonton Fire Rescue brought in two firetrucks and invited the youth to take a tour of the trucks and check out all their cool equipment.

Parks Canada brought a tent, camping games and activities focused on wildlife and camping safety. Prizes were also being awarded.

Safe Start Optimist Club provided a “Safety On Wheels” course where kids could bring their bikes, scooters or skateboards to go through. Prizes were handed out for answering safety questions on bike safety correctly.

And lastly, our West and North Family Resource Network partners brought slime for kids to play with.

Everyone had such a blast thanks to the hard work of our BGCBigs staff and community partners. Thank you to everyone who came, participated, and supported this event. Here’s to an awesome summer 2024!