We are so grateful for the diverse businesses that support our children and families. One such company is Automated Aquatics, with a focus on clearer and cleaner water, and better water management in our city. The owners, Darrel and Edith Martin, have supported our organization for the past several years, in addition to other children-serving organizations in Edmonton, Canada and developing areas in the world. This dynamic duo has owned and operated their Edmonton based business, Automated Aquatics, for over 30 years, but what makes this family owned business so special reaches beyond their corporate doors.

Their connection to BGCBigs began as a friendship with Ross Tyson, the former Boys & Girls Clubs of Edmonton Executive Director, spanning over 45 years. The couple are active members of the Edmonton Northeast Rotary Club and have each served in many roles in the organization, including both taking turns as Rotary President. As our Ross was also a member, he invited Darrel and Edith to donate to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Edmonton. When the Boys & Girls Club merged with Big Brothers Big Sisters and Ross retired, they continued their generosity to our organization.

Edith and Darrel visit our agency annually to learn about what our challenges and successes have been over the past year. They listen intently and offer solutions and guidance, from a corporate perspective. And at the end of their meeting, they present our agency with a cheque for several thousands of dollars.

“Darrel and Edith genuinely care about our children and families. Not only with the financial support they provide, but you can tell by their questions every time we see them. Over the past few years with the downturn in our economy, we have struggled to maintain our services to our children. We shared our concerns with Edith and Darrel, and not only did they continue to support us financially, they increased their donation! We needed them, and they were there.” – Danisha Bhaloo, Manager of Fund Development, BGCBigs.

When asked what attracted Edith and Darrel to give to BGCBigs, their answer was simple: It’s about giving back and being a role model for their employees and community.

Their generosity reaches past BGCBigs, as the couple gives to organizations in places as far as Mexico, Africa and Bangladesh.  In all of their charitable endeavors, there seems to be a common theme; helping kids. When asked about it, Darrel said “We all need someone to believe in us so that we can believe in ourselves. You can never fully know the impact that you will make on someone and the ripple effect it has in their lives”.

It is important to the couple that they model this, not only in their philanthropic endeavours, but also for their employees. They want their employees to have a say and believe in the organizations that the company supports. “We are very fortunate to have a fantastic team of very dedicated and caring employees. It is because of their efforts that this is all possible,”  says Edith and Darrel.

Thank you to Edith and Darrel and the entire Automated Aquatics family. Their gift will allow us to ensure that vulnerable children and youth challenged by the impacts of poverty have access to encouraging and healthy relationships, as well as, safe places to go after school. We hope they know how appreciated they are!

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