Big Brother, Wade has been a very patient and understanding volunteer with his Little and the Family. It can hard to reach them and plan outings, and Little has forgotten about their outings and has not been ready or at home when Wade arrives to pick him up. Wade has remained positive, committed and has not let this discourage his dedication to the match. He has been able to build and maintain a strong relationship with his Little and plans to keep going as long as his Little wants to remain matched.
Submitted by Jeneti

Big Brother, Jordan Olstead has been matched with his little Noah for 4 months. Jordan made Noah his own mixtape CD of music and when Noah gets in the car he asks him if they can listen to “his music”. Jordan encourages Noah’s ideas no matter how small they are and is helping him work on saying please and thank you. Jordan is passionate about being a volunteer and shares his experience of being a big brother with his friends. He encourages his friends to become mentors and one of them has recently been matched!

Big Brother, Michael Kellough has been with his little for almost a year. But during this time he provided a safe place for little to express himself and come out from his shell. He is a form of male support and role model for little, giving him an outlet to talk, learn and share his feels. Little refers to his big as “ his actual big brother”.


Updated August 2019

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